Grobo One Grow Pictures


Sweet tooth update!

Day 70 means harvest time.

I’ll post some dry weight next week.



This one came in at 28 grams. A beautiful ounce!


10 Grobo testing away!


Looking great!


Hi Stephen,

Can you comment more on this…was this what you were anticipating prior to this test? Could any other techniques have been used to provide a larger yield or is this simply what this strain produces in a given harvest?

Are you experiencing larger harvests with your other tests?



Hey Rich,

I took this harvest through the office looking for estimates on a final dry weight. Bjorn was within 1/2 gram! This is my 1st run of the Auto Sweet tooth and I topped her once. She showed a bit of calcium deficiency from a low pH, so I adjusted accordingly. With a bit more involvement I’d expect to be able to bump that yield up by 20-30%. I have pulled several oz from tests before, so don’t fret about yield. This test impressed me with the beautiful and abundant trichome development more than the 28 grams.



Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the follow up! The pictures provided were beautiful, I was just curious if that was a typical yield being returned with the most recent machines. I was happy with the pictures of what I could see of the Trichomes, they look very dusty.

Thanks again!