Grobo One Grow Pictures


Catching up on your questions now Rich - we have just wrapped up building 20 Grobos which all went smoothly. At the moment we don’t expect any dramatic changes between the systems we just built and the final production models!



20, that’s great to hear! Have you guys got a good number (time) on the unboxing process with the most recent model?

Any updates regarding the electrical certifications you’ve been waiting for approval on? Are you still confident with a ship date for 2017 on customers who ordered in the most recent round of orders?


Certifications can take up to 12 weeks to be completed. We passed the first test last week but do not have any additional information yet. A more complete update is in the newsletter shared today.


Can you please confirm that updates have been sent out, I’ve not received anything as of today.


I have my own little guy going strong! I love the process! More pictures to come as time goes by!



Hey growers,

Here is a picture of an Auto Sweet Tooth from Canuk. Seed popped 8.20 and she has been topped once.

Canuk - Sweet Tooth Auto


Could you do some timelapse video of one of your test grows?


Rats Tail Radish - A very fast growing radish with bean like pods. Seeds in Sept 13th, Popped Sept 16th and here it is today.


The Sweet Tooth is coming along nicely!


Hi Stephen, thanks for sharing those pics. I hope we will see a time lapse video from seed to harvest just to get an impression of the grobo power. I just recognize the nutrient bottles are now standing straight. In other pictures they were upside down - did you change the design?


Hey fanatic,

Good eye on the bottle change, we have indeed updated our design. I’ve played with a couple time lapse videos for a weekends growth and for seeds germinating. It is cool to see the circadian rhythm of dancing seedlings! That being said, it is a ton of work, so while you may see a couple that stretch over days, you won’t see a 4 month one yet.



Hi Stephen,

yeah, I saw the time lapse video on FB and got really excited. Really happy that you share grow pictures and stuff with us. Still hoping that we get some more insights in growing with grobo and especially harvest before you start shipping. But I understand that you guys are busy like hell and other things are more important. Keep up your work!


Here we are, this is a white widow fem seed from Canuk Seeds. It went in the unit on Saturday and has finally germinated and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be posting more pictures as the grow process goes on. I also had a question for Stephen, you said you had setup a GoPro or some filming device to record a growth over a weekend or during germination. Could you send me a picture of your setup. I’ve got a suction up mount for my hero 5 so could try that as long as it won’t interfere with the grobo functionality. Be in touch.

Daniel Jursza


Hey Daniel,

Things move really fast around here and I don’t have the rig setup at the moment. I used a GoPro with a stand and ran a cable into the unit through the front door to ensure the GoPro batteries were continually charged. This worked for the seedling stage, but once your plant starts getting taller you may want to switch to hanging it from the inside of the door. We are working on a couple solutions to offer you for camera placement, so stay tuned!




I’m happy to see someone posting pictures of their unit and journey so far! This leads me to believe you are not a beta tester, can you please confirm? If so, does this mean that units are now available to be released for shipping within CA only or both CA and US? @bjorn (can you chime in on this, sir?)

Can you go through what it was like with unboxing the unit and the time you spent setting up the Grobo and Application? How is the application look so far? Easy to navigate through menus and settings? Are there more recipe (strain) options than you expected? How quite is the unit after you got it running? Are you happy with the overall product so far?

I’m very eager to receive my Grobo, so don’t mind all the questions, just waiting like a kid on Christmas! Happy to see you received your Grobo! Congratulations to you and best of luck to you on your grow!



Hey Rich, I am a beta tester, the little seed is doing well so far. I’m very pleased with the progress in such short time. I will be posting pictures once in a while based on plant development. Here we are today though, a week from when I planted the White Widow Fem seed.


Hey @Rich,

As Daniel mentioned, he is a Beta tester and so shipping has not yet started for either Canada or the USA. We are revamping how we share updates so more information is coming next week!


Sounds good! Glad to see all the positive posts coming over the past few weeks, getting very excited to receive the unit!


Hi Daniel,
can you give some more insights on your growing experience? Is it easy to control? How loud is grobo? When plants are growing taller are you smelling something? What about the light emissions?





Can we expect the September update to be released today or should we anticipate a Friday release?