Grobo One Grow Pictures


Share pictures of you growing in your Grobo One!


Kicking this off with a picture of my basil plant which has been growing for a few weeks now. The roots keep getting longer and more leaves keep popping up every day!


Have any shipped out yet? Still waiting patiently for mine. ::sits on hands all giddy like::


Hey @SterlingNico! We have shipped a few units to beta testers who are providing great feedback. This thread is for sharing your grow pictures in the future once you have your own Grobo One!!


As soon as I get my Grobo, I’ll share a picture. Can’t wait!


The basil is growing quickly even with me pulling off a bunch of fresh leaves! For scale, the top leaves are about the size of my palm.


Hey Baker, we can’t wait to see what you grow!


My dragon tongue bean just sprouted!


Nice to see some pictures starting to populate. Any chance we can see some photo’s from any of the Beta users from round 1 that may have been submitted to your team?


Absolutely - We have encouraged them to make accounts on AllGrowers and more and more photos will be shared over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, my monster basil continues to grow with leaves the size of my hand!!


Those are looking great!


Can you guys post some more pictures? Do you have any updates from current “test” customers of their plants and or yields?




I ask my question out of curiosity, how can this question go unanswered for (4) day’s yet my other questions were answered, with this being ignored (as it would seem, with this being the one question that has not been answered).

With all the time that has now passed from the release of “test” units to first round customers and the trials your team is conducting, why has this section gone so long without some feedback from the team and or test customers. Whether that news has been positive or negative.

With all due respect, the basil is an exciting moment to see posted within here, however that’s been the only update provided, why is that? @Stefanie has posted a promising picture of the “sprouting” however no follow up or even log notes to pass along as to some of the positive or negative results that have been recorded. Again, I’m asking out of curiosity.

With the end of the year approaching faster and faster with each passing day, I continue to venture onto this forum with the hopes to see the community and Grobo Team a little more involved with answering questions that come through (not suggesting your team is blatantly ignoring posts), and proving us with more active updates and or logs of current trials you guys are running internally and with your test customers.

As a pre-order customer, I have been doing my best to get my own answers off of your social media pages, forums, and personal emails to Bjorn direct (which has been helpful) but we are now to the point where I would expect some real results of anything you guys have been growing, this really shouldn’t be a difficult task. You have dedicated a section of the forum “Grobo One Grow Pictures” we’ve not been provided with what I would call sufficient evidence to simply trust your word. I like what you and your team are doing, but a little more clarification and updates are not much to ask for when we’ve been given so little to this point. Take my words with a grain of salt, I’m here for the ride and want to show my support to Grobo, all I’m looking for are some positive updates with real pictures and real yields. Providing these types of results and feedback within this section should be more active more now than ever with all the time that has passed since the “test” units were released, however that’s just my personal opinion.

If someone has a moment today to please get back to me with something it would be greatly appreciated. I know you guys are working your asses off and I respect that, greatly. Your product already stands alone when placed side by side to other automated units on the market which is why myself and the rest of the community has placed out trust in you and your product. I don’t think I’m out of line when I say this section should be a little more hoping in my opinion. Looking forward to some dialogue from anyone at your team.

As always, thank you guys and continue the great work.


Hi Rich,

Our team is working overtime to start shipping ASAP which is why it can take us additional time to respond.

A great place to see pictures is on our Instagram Account which we update regularly. Here are two recent photos as well:

  1. Beta tester growing Jalapenos

  2. Cannabis growing in our testing facility


Hi Bjorn,

I GREATLY appreciate you getting back to me and these are very exciting pictures, thank you!

Those babies look extrememly healthy and strong which is what I expected, just like to see the actual results posted every once in a while.

You mention that you guys are working OT to start shipping out ASAP, can you give us an idea as to when you believe they will start to trickle out of your facility? If this is something you anticipate within the next month please let me know and I will contact you regarding payment for the system. I’m ready for this beautiful beast to be unleashed.

It’s the little things in life, Bjorn. Lol. This post has made my morning coffee that much better, thank you!


Hi Rich,

Always happy to help improve your morning coffee!

Unfortunately you still won’t be receiving your unit next month as we await the final results of electrical certifications. We are getting closer and closer though and will share more precise dates once we have them. A big update will be sent out in a few weeks with payment plan details, shipping status, etc so please hang tight!




Can you speak on the manufacturing of the units, have you guys been able to manufacturer during this wait for the certifications or has that seized manufacturing of the units until certifications are in-house?



Hi Rich,

We continue to manufacture Test or “Beta” units to refine our assembly procedures and make minor modifications and improvements to the product. Testing the product as much as possible is currently our biggest focus so that we minimize the chance of there being any issues once you receive it.

We have now started to order most of the mechanical parts in larger quantities since they are not affected by the electrical certification process. Once the certifications are complete then we can start final manufacturing and assembly of units to ship out.



Hi Bjorn,

This is fantastic news! How have the “Test” units been going during the manufacturing so far? As for the current tests/testing that has been do so far, should we expect any dramatic changes to our Grobo One vs “Test” Grobo?