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Hi rouleauj,

I’ll add it to the growing list of recipes to add to the next revision. If your Grobo arrives before the recipe makes it onto the list, use the Hybrid Generic recipe to start and we will switch you over.




Quick question… I set my recipe to an auto - generic recipe not knowing what seeds I actually had. I’ve noticed that this recipe is only 70 day long compared to an average of about 80-100 days for the hybrids/ indica. What happens after day 70. Does this recipe complete? What if my plant has not fully mature?



Hi Nick_Philavong,

Oh dear! Auto recipes are a specific strain of cannabis and despite the name, are not as easy to grow in our system. We’ve added a brief warning before you select an Auto recipe, describing what may be required from the grower. The biggest difference between the regular recipes and the auto recipes is the light. Auto’s will automatically start their flowering cycle without a change in the light cycle. Regular recipes (photoperiod strains) move from vegetative growth to flowering growth when they are triggered by a light cycle change to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.

In short, your plant has not entered the flowering mode. Please contact I can then replace your recipe with a more appropriate one and shift your days to immediately enter the flowering cycle.



Thanks Stephen,

I’ll Email support.

In the meantime, I’ve uploaded a picture, it looks like the plant has started to flower?



Hi Nick_Philavong,

It does look like she has started to flower. I’ve replaced your recipe with the generic hybrid and placed you a couple weeks into flowering. Your recipe has 49 remaining days of flowering and will continue if you need to go longer. Keep me posted on your progress, she should start filling out even more now with the right recipe.




Thanks Stephen!!

Appreciate the help and look forward to the next few weeks.



Is this type and other data going to be available in the app at some point? I’m a little underwhelmed with what the app displays. I hope you guys are ok with constructive criticism.

When can we expect to see more feature rich functions in the app? I’m not talking about modifying recipes. Just monitoring the grow, RH%, temperture, various indicators lights on/off, reservoir low, PH levels, etc.

The app as it stands for the end user is a fill and drain and a few pop ups, remote montiroing is non existent except for what day your grow is on…it serves little or no purpose for the end user as is. :man_shrugging:


Hey Azuri,

We love to hear your thoughts, keep them coming.

Yes, we are adding much more to the app. You will see your Grobo ‘come to life’ very soon with over 80 Notifications to walk you through your grow. We are actively working on a Grow Journal feature to allow you to track your progress and we are discussing a home page overhaul that will display statistics about your current status. All in the works, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on each item as we roll them out.



I echo @Azuri ‘a sentiments. And thanks for the good response @Stephen. These updates to the app will be very welcome additions. I think some transparency into the grow is important so we can all improve and learn as we go.


Hey @Nick_Philavong any chance that’s a sativa?

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Would you consider adding a recipe for Girl Scout Cookies Extreme from ILGM? It is a Indica-dominant hybrid. I am hoping to use this for my next grow. Here is more info:

  • Produces high yield
  • Has a pleasant smell and taste
  • Gives an instant relaxation

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana strain (not to be confused with the less extreme Girl Scout Cookies strain) is a hybrid between OG Kush and Durban Poison bred in California. Its aroma is lovely: a combination of sweetness and earthiness, along with a delightful high when consumed. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme makes the user feel completely relaxed as well as euphoric. As far as end of day strains go, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is the best.

The THC content of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is high, making for an extremely cerebral experience. That said, it also works wonders for people suffering from major pain, loss of appetite, and nausea. Ultimately, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is a great all-around marijuana strain that has reached its levels of popularity for a good reason.

Thank you


Nice find scsouthern,

I’m a fan of Robert over at ILGM, just wish he wouldn’t use the word marijuana. I’ve added it to the list for next recipe revision!



Completely agree. Verbiage needs to change for people to understand things have changed since the propaganda long past


@Stephen More seeds for your consideration
Barneys-Pineapple chunk
Barneys-Acapulco gold
Brothers Grim-Cinderella 99 ( Super excited about this one)
Barneys-Peyote Critiical
Seedsman-Velet Bud
Royal Queen Seeds-Sour Diesel
Royal Queen Seeds-Critical


can u add the recipe for the following or suggest alternative recipe:
Biddy Early Feminised Seeds
Seedbank Serious Seeds
Genetics Early Skunk x Warlock
Sex Feminized
Variety Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
THC Content High
CBD Content Low (0-1%)
Yield High
Plant Height Medium
Grows Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outside
Flowering Time 50-60 days


I bought a bunch of auto flowering seeds any way to add them? Auto black jack, auto seemango, auto berry bomb, auto bloody skunk, auto tangerine dream, and banana haze which is not auto flowering. Any way to get them added?


@Bongsmoker89 @Stephen is our recipe wizard and he’s out for the rest of this week

If you want to grow an autoflowering plant in the mean time try selecting the “Cannabis - Autoflower - Generic” from the recipes section




Yes that’s what I clicked on. Can I get the tangerine dream auto added so it does the proper cycle lol. I’m gonna try green crack next can I get that strain added as well lol.


@Bongsmoker89 once Stephen is back in next week he’ll work through the list and add what he can :+1:

Green crack is already a recipe (Cannabis - Sativa - Green Crack) - unless you’re referring to an auto recipe