Grobo Grow Recipes *Updated 9.12.18*


Hi @Ctaylor684,

I’m also growing out the Obi Wan, now why did I not add it to the list? I’ll put it up and then we can switch you over. I’ll ping you tomorrow once it’s done and we can adjust you.



Awesome thank you that would be great, I really do appreciate all of you guys!! Pretty cool we’re growing the same strain, we can compare. What day is yours on?


I’m testing growing rooted clones with our unit and cut several branches off of a flowering Obi Wan, so I’m a bit different honestly. Experimentation and all…:wink:


Hey @Ctaylor684,

Welcome to your new recipe! I’ve flipped you over to the Obi Wan Kush recipe. Let me know if I can help further.



@Stephen thank you I noticed it on the app. What is the overall grow time now? Also is there any advice or techniques that worked well with this strain? Since you have one in flowering figured you already now what she responded well too.

Thank you,


Started pineapple express seeds today if all goes well looks like new years eve ought to be a good one




Hi @Ctaylor684,

I’ll PM you some schedule details.



Me too plz

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My question is i notice that for mother it says grow time 128 days. Shouldn’t it stay that way indefinitely if that is what you choose to do? Vegetative state?


Hey @Wolf,

Great question! I’ve set this recipe to basically cover one ‘traditional grow’ or 4 months. You will have the option to extend this recipe indefinitely if you choose to do so.


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