Gorilla Glue Auto: 1st Grow


I think you will be fine as long as new growth is coming in… I’ve heard those autos are a bit tricky sometimes


You are looking good @JonnyBlaze. Your system dosed nutes after your drain/fill and is balancing your pH at 6.1 nicely.



Here is an update i am on day 21 now

She obviously is growing…she seems a lil slow tho lol?
And I don’t understand why she keeps getting spots I just want her to been super green and healthy…i am only able to check on her a couple times a week so she doesn’t come in contact with me very much


@JonnyBlaze Not sure why the bottom leaves are continuously spotting if the pH and ec are ok? If just trim those off again and concentrate on the healthier leaves! She’s still looking pretty good!
And she looks on par for growth. Here was mine on day 24


Data looks good, I bumped up your Calcium/Magnesium a bit. If the leaves get really crispy, you can remove them.



Am I doing something wrong here?

The spotting is not letting up…every time I take the bad leaves off I come back to check on here and she’s got new bad leaves :maple_leaf::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Mine did that at that age. I was
Was worried but she is thriving now. Growing tike a weed.:bamboo:


Hey @JonnyBlaze, when the new growth looks that green and happy, I wouldn’t be to worried about those two leafs. They were some of the first obviously and thus probably absorbed more nutes/minerals than needed, but nothing that will harm the plant as a whole it looks. Hope that helps!


Hi @JonnyBlaze,

You are doing well, no worries. System is working well, data looks stable and within range. Plant looks healthy other than the spotting, I’d remove the spotted leaves and continue to monitor new growth. That and a little Bob Marley just before lights out.



Wondering if there is real science to that … because I’m not going to lie I have conversations with my cannabis plants and they seem to love it :joy::joy:


Lol, the science is Carbon Dioxide. Jokes, but i’ve deff been told quite often, that talking to your plants is a great tool when growing.


Here is Day 29



Try to ge that humidity up to around 40-60% during this stage … low humidity during flower… could be a contributing to the brown spots taking long to stop


New growth looking good though


Update: day 47 day 9 of flowering
I haven’t been the happiest with my grow …it’s been a real struggle with trying to keep a good humidity range in my grobo which I assume has to do with the none stop spotting on my plant… somehow I think that may have stunted the growth on this girl…but will see how she comes along she is growing.



Looking at what she has gone through I would say she definitely grew quite a bit.

I also freak out every time I see a spot. I’m on my first grow as well, and I find it nerve racking and exciting to witness all of the stages of the plants growth for the first time ever.

Keep posting pics!


Update: day 22/23 flowering
Been running into a lot of issues. I think it was a week or two ago I got really bad root rot all the roots were black and the plant looked really bad I was going to pull her but I didn’t…I ended up cutting the bad roots out and she came back to life but she has it again I believe…what should I do…? I think she still needs a couple weeks???


Hey @JonnyBlaze

Please wait for Stephen to chime in but i’ll throw my thoughts out. Since your plant suffered some root issues and you managed to salavage the grow your well into flowering now. The fact that you had to trim your roots saved the plant but it stunted the stretch and flowering. From where I’m sitting you may have to extend to ripen your buds but I think your plant is beyond a big yeild recovery. Your plant no longer spends energy on root growth or veg growth.

TLDR, rIpen her up in flower, harvest and get what you get. Next grow will be better. :+1:


Grab microbes to fight the root rot