Gorilla Glue #4 - GG#4


Not been as active lately but have no fear an update is here. :joy:

Ok so a pre-harvest summary. I’ve got about 2 to 5 days left until she comes down, in flush now. While I’m a huge fan of this strain it this particular grow is very bush like and I’ve even proven that in a soil grow. I took a clone from this girl on the grobo before she flipped to flower and it’s doesnt grow much taller in soil. :man_shrugging:

This strain from this breeder has an un-manageable amount of foliage on it. It’s next to impossible to trim the colas due to the tight packing of these small leaves. I’m sure it will be a bit easier in the soil grow as I won’t be restricted by three sides.

Now to the good points. Smell, colours and bud density based on plant size looks decent. I’m expecting a decent yeild but not as good as my first grow which stretched to the little white sensor thing near the light while this one only reached the 2nd fan.

I’ll report back with some dry weights and pictures down the road again.


@Azuri Looks like we’ll be coming down at the same time. Cheers :beers:. Looking forward to seeing what you end up with.


Absolutely beautiful, I fkn love it!!! That is going to be a great harvest :joy::joy::joy::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:






Excited for you @Azuri!


The day we all wait for has arrived for my girl, Harvest Day! :herb:
Ok some blah blah blah on the strain and the grow:

2nd grow in the grobo and the genetics were quite different. First grow was OG Kush. This girl was much shorter and bushier and made it extremely difficult to prune or lollipop due to shortness. Now with some basic topic and trimming when I could it was pretty much hands free. (That’s a lie I topped twice, but that’s effortless work)

I don’t think this strain is suited to a Grobo but still did well. This is strictly due to the genetics of its tight plant structure. I have clone of this grow in soiI as well. I expect to get 55 or so grams dry good bud and 3/4oz of sweetleaf and larf bud. Bud weight was 218g trimmed / wet and I use a 75% loss for drying general guideline.

First set of pics are wet freshly cut and the 2nd set of pics are trimmed and drying. Not all the buds are pictured here or the sweetleaf pile. I personally don’t use the Grobo for drying as I start my next grow the same day. I prefer to put the Grobo to work and start growing right away.


Trimmed & Drying:


Lookin good my friend! Glad to see you’re still at it. I started an auto just for the hell of it. Was a free seed and I’ve never run an auto. We’ll see what happens but she already popped a day after I dropped her in the coco pod, mind you that was ~36 hours after the soak in ro water in the solo cup.


Got my next grow popped in now too, giving some western Canada bud a try both in my Grobo this time.



Yeahhh buuuudy! Back to back! Love your style. Great minds think alike! :+1::v::joy:

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Everyone loves updates. :heart_eyes:

I cloned the Grobo grow when It switched into flower and grew the clone in potted grow. Unfortunately I didn’t weigh the first harvest but they do look pretty similar. Decent strain again for both the in and out of the Grobo. :+1: These pics are a few days ago into flush leaves are mostly yellow now ready to come down. :herb: