Valid point, but I’ve yet to have that happen, although this is my first grobo grow lol




I stuck mine in the cocopod came up in 2 days


My seed is slow to start, barely a root started from the seed at day 9…but looks healthy. Anything I can do to help the little guy along besides whats mentioned above?


Hey @Hainesjr1

It could have been just a slow starter if it looks healthy it’s your choice now keep it going or restart. I don’t think there is much you can do different now. You can pre-germinate outside the Grobo to ensure the seed pops.


Thanks Azuri, not sure what I want to do yet. Probably just push the grow out worse case and give it time.


Hi folks,

Day 8 of my grow. Seed has not popped out of the coco pad. Did pull out “plug” and take a picture—looks like its starting—do I keep going or restart?


Keep give it time it looks like it’s just finding its way out of the coco pod


I did put coco ‘plug’ back in over the seedling—wondering if I should leave it out now?


The seedling has popped now I would leave the piece of coco pod out. It’s intention is to ensure full moisture around entire seed to help soften it up to germinate, mission accomplished. :+1:





Its been another four days and the seed has not really changed from when I took the picture I posted above.

Feeling worried and impatient!


Hey @urbanfarmer

If it hasn’t changed and looks the same I’d say it’s time to restart. Have a look st the seed, is the tap root white or brown? If your at day 12 you should have a little seedling at this point.


I agree with @Azuri on this one also @urbanfarmer, same thing happened to me and I let almost another week go by that wasn’t necessary. Just a bad seed- Had better luck next go around, seed popped (above coco pod) and was seeing green in 4 days.



Maybe the shell is stuck to the sprout?.. :thinking:


That is possible also @SilverGrobo. Mine did what that seed is doing and looked like it was going, but what had happened was the root never took hold. @urbanfarmer do you see any roots?


Did not see any roots—so its time to restart.

I assume I will have to “end grow” on the app and then start a new grow.

Can I use the same coco pad?


Sorry to hear of your termination…

Correct on the:

Good Question

I would say if the Termination reason was clean and you don’t have a root rot issue, or any other dirty issue and (if you don’t have to clean out anything)… If the coco pod is clean, and it’s not falling apart, then It would be safe to say you could reuse the coco pod…


Agree. :+1:


@urbanfarmer, not that you don’t have enough info already lol.
Coco Pod-