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I have a bunch of seeds too that have been hit and miss. Next grow will be a true north seed bank grow seed. But that’s 2 months away lol


I have slight light leakage o n the right side. Right side front etc. I haven’t applied electricL tape yet like some people but it’s in my office and no kids so I dont need to so anything. If it’s too bright or we feel will attract attention to the room we throw a blanket over the front (like when shaw came).
I am not concerned with the light atm. Tbh my two concerns will be smell and noise when I have 2 side by side. To prevent smell I bought that compound we posted about earlier and a small 450 sq ft servicing hepa filter which will benefit us also as we have 2 dogs.
Noise wise the unit is like 4 of my computers and I run high end gaming rigs so it took a bit getting used to that. Honestly no complaints though. Plant is healthy and I haven’t spent more then 30 mins on ot since day 1 of the grow


Hey @chris_barfield

I asked the question about light leaking into the Grobo a while ago. Here’s the answer I got from @Chris


I see have you used the compound yet? And also what is the heap filter you mentioned? I haven’t been bothered by the noise just it’s in the living room alongside the tv and sound bars… I’m not concerned with how much light emitted I was just worried about the light getting and causing hermi during flowering… but @Azuri answered that!!


Just for conversation what would happen if put two seeds in there ? Would the plants still grow but yield less since sharing nutrients or would I consume nutrients at a faster rate ? Is there way to train the plants for two at a time like scrog or trellis net? Just wondering becuase I kind of wish I put the trapstar seeds inside ugh lol

And yes I do know it’s designed for one but just wondering what would happen or any of the devs have tried this @Stephen


Morning chris_barfield,

In my experience, one will dominate the other, preventing any type of real harvest of two strains in one Grobo. I’d stick with one plant at a time.



Hey @chris_barfield

Sorry not to hijack your reply I can offer some insight and some if this knowledge is from @Stephen I believe.

Tip #1
Use the compound wisely it’s very strong so don’t put it inside the Grobo. It can impact the taste of your crop.

Tip #2
Don’t insert your Grobo charcoal filter in the grobo until your plant starts to emit odor. You should be able to make it through the veg state before you need a filter. This should extend the filter life a bit.


Hi @chris_barfield
I purchased a bionaire air purifier for the upstairs floor from Costco for 175. It arrives today so I’ll let you know how I like it in conjunction with the grobo and how it handles the smell.
Also picked up the Ona Pro Gel off Amazon for 24$ along with a little oz weight scale for like 15. Now I just need a lap sifter for when I do mycutting


Nice I’m
Going to look into it and darn @Azuri I threw the carbon filter in there during setup cuz it asked me too… I’m assuming the carbon filter wouldn’t really work to well anyway since I know a lot of the units have light leak which = smell
Leaks since there’s openings?


@chris_barfieldsomeone had used electrical tape on their grobo and it seemed to work in the light situation but I am fairly confident smell will come through regards


@chris_barfield I’ve grown hydro before so I’m not going to sugarcoat it, I’m sure the Grobo will contain “some” smell. The moment you open the Grobo which will be often the woft will come out. Results will varry from strain to strain and expect the strongest smell to be released when you do the actual cutting/harvest. You can mask, odor eliminate and exhaust all you want a trained nose will know, lol.

My experience might be totaly inflated since I’ve never grown only 1 plant at a time until now inside an actual grow box. I’m sure @Rich can chime in since he’s close to harvesting and how well things worked out masking odor.


@ToddYYC @Azuri thanks guys great info just ordered a strain called yoink gg4 x dogwalker og so I’m excited !! Can’t wait to upload pics

Have any of you guys had the issue of the notification not disappearing after you read it ?


@chris_barfield do you mean the little red circle with the 1 (badge) in it not disappearing? Or the actual notification itself?
I’ve had the badge not disappear, but refreshing my browser did the trick.


No my bad let me clarify I mean in the my grobo app I’m assuming it’s the new notifications @Stephen has created which are awesome by the way but once I read it I can’t get it to go away lol not a big deal just wondering


Haven’t seen that issue yet chris. But I’ll keep my eye out


@chris_barfield I had a drain and fill notification yesterday at 11:00pm yesterday but my Grobo app shows the notification still active on the app after the drain and fill completed and nutes dispensed. I’m seeing if this goes away at day 15 or at 11:00pm tonight 24 hours after the alert popped.

Looks like this. :point_down:


@Azuri Yea that’s what I’m talking about


@chris_barfield My day 15 just kicked in 5 mins ago and it’s still there. At 11:00pm it’s 24 hours for me since the alert popped so if it doesn’t go by then I’ll send a support ticket in. If yours is longer shoot them a support ticket.


I ignored the warning and opened maintenance/ drain and still went away. Send a support @ grobo . io ticket


@ToddYYC I did that first drain and fill that way and it away but this one had the new notifications so I clicked the icon seen below. Yeah if doesn’t go away it’s not life threatning it can wait until Monday for support.