First Thoughts



Just wanted to share a few shots

We have started to see the light :bulb: at the end of the tunnel!

My excitement is difficult to contain, however I’m jumping for joy inside!


Looking nice

I think based on everyone photos I’m at least a week stunted for day 22. Compared to a recently posted day 25.
The initial 3 days was tap water and replaced with filtered ever since. I saw a decent dip in #2 chem but it was pod/seed stage shouldn’t have mattered that much.

No brown leaves and just tonight I cut off the initial fatty leaves


Hey ToddYYC,

It certinally looks like the runt of the litter in comparison to @kirk plant being the same strain. :man_shrugging:


@Azuri yeah that’s me always the underdog. Not worried got a ton of seeds to try and hoping to grab my 2nd grobo soon. We’ve been doing a lot more cooking with oils so I can’t wait to try the sweet leaves.


@Azuri I’ll post in it’s own thread on each completion for each of the 4 different providers seeds I have
Medical access
Upper canada seed banks
True north


Your plant looks healthy. Maybe the veg stage might have to be extended for another week? I’m sure @Stephen will have some input, the autoflowering have certain charactheristics and stubby bushy plant might be the path it takes.

I’ll be sticking to strains that are controlled by time changes from veg to flower. The whole auto-flowering and feminized seeds is new concept to me. I’ve always grown via clones so these new options were never a consideration for me. Always learning. :+1:


My upper canada batch is all auto feminized.cant wait! @Azuri


Hey ToddYYC,

Looking healthy, she should start to take off once the roots have entered the water and established themselves. Keep posting and we can add more time later in the veg cycle if needed.



The roots are about 10 inches long and have been that long since like day 5. Shes just slow going.


I personally think the “generic” 10 day germination stage was the safe outside number chosen for all strains. Seedling roots are growing in the reservoir on some strains by day 5 searching around for nutrients, seeing it on my plant too. Plant growth stops while roots continue the search for nutrients for another 5 days until the nutrient dosing begins on day 10 or 11. All the built in nutrients that the seedling survived on are long gone by day 5 as the first set of leaves are now developing.


Right on the :nose: Azuri,

I have an update coming that will prime the nutrient lines to offer better 1st stage dosing. Safe is best, but I’m beginning to crank it up a bit. :wink:



Good to know @Azuri thanks for sharing.


I totally understand the method behind the madness, soon as you open up consumers to change things it can go sideways fast. Better to go safe then overdose plants that aren’t ready and then dealing with angry farmers later, lol. Grobo caters to the new growers which is excellent for getting people comfortable with Hydroponics.


I’m really starting to like you @Azuri, you are a wise one. :wink:


Hi Todd, I think your seed is just a slow grower… a friend is growing (in a grobo) an auto blueberry from the same batch of seeds I got from Canuk and it is only about 1/2 the size of mine… perhaps temperature is affecting the growth? I keep my condo at 78 degrees… I have a remote thermometer coming so I will keep a check on the temperature… or perhaps my growth (Day 29 and 9 inches tall and bushy) is helped by me telling her she is beautiful once or twice a day? LOL…


Hi @kirkpotentially that could be it. We’ve had a heat wave for a bit. House is warmer than normal but I have a fan on the power supply box as it’s quite warm. But overall the room is 28 to 30c. I might move the groves to the basement long term but not atm due to light leakage.


Hi stephen, isn’t Todd’s strain an auto (like mine) ? If so I thought you couldn’t extend the veg cycle…that it would automatically start to flower at a certain time regardless of how long the lights are on… Thanks Kirk


Hi Kirk,

Great catch, you are absolutely correct. Sorry I missed that detail.

Autos are more of a challenge in our system due to the very nature of being automatic. We are unable to force flowering and keep it contained within our footprint. Some advanced techniques and a bit of experience are really handy in auto grows with our system. Not recommended for your 1st grow.

For ToddYYC and yourself Kirk, we can add some time to your overall recipe if you need it, but I’m unable to dial in veg vs flower time from the data alone.



Not terribly worried atm @Stephen as she is healthy and a great color green. ill let you know how she looks in a week or so


Grobo Day 30 10 inches tall…