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Hi @Jamminbear,

Yes we have actually! As @ToddYYC stated we’ll be strongly considering adding one into future products





Sent you a message, sir!



Auto hybrid blueberry Day 20


Auto Hybrid blueberry Day 25


doubled in size from 3"x6" to 6" x 12" in 5 days how long until flowering starts? I will not be topping since steven said autos are not usually topped… not enough time to recover until flowering…

I have remedied light leakage from the door on my grobo by attaching white electrical tape to the hinge side and a white magnetic strip to the right side (easily removed) I do like to open the door once a day to tell the plant how beautiful she is (hopefully a female…it is a feminized seed)


Love this! How has the material held up for you so far? Have you noticed any difference in your plant since you’ve installed the strips?


Hi Rich, The grobo is working magnificently, I noticed a slight aroma leakage before… however since I moved the magnetic strip up near the lock (and added electrical tape on both the right and left side at the top where there was also light leakage) I now notice no escaped “aromas”


I can’t tell of any difference in the plant, I added the magnetic strip about a week ago but the plant has grown a lot recently , which is probably to be expected at this time in the growth cycle…


So, you first covered the area with electrical tape (was this just at the top) and then the magnetic strip afterwards?

How wide of a magnetic strip did you end up going with?


I first applied white electrical tape (.3/4 inch wide) on the hinge side of the door , top to bottom , and then on the sides of the top where there was light leakage… then added the magnetic strip (1 inch wide fits perfectly) on the right side of the door ,


Mines 5 days behind you and 1/4 if that size. Good to know. 10 leaves on it but so small.
Same strain


Free R&D for Grobo, love it.


Good to know about the light leak. Has anyone found a fix for this yet? We just got our replacement and there is significant leakage on the upper right hand side where the lock is, and running toward the bottom.
And the door is never flush in that same spot (probably reason for light leak and maybe why it won’t stay locked).



@rainstorm3 I had the same issues. Check if the door is actually locked. If it isn’t u might need to fiddle with the metal piece that engages the lock.


@Jamminbear I saw that you had the same issues too, I tried fiddling around with the metal piece, but it’s perfectly perpendicular to the lock. From what I can see by taking a closer look it’s as if the door is too low, or off centre or something (and yes, the unit is level). I tried even manually lifting the door to engage the lock–no luck.


For what it’s worth it takes a fair amount of force/pressure to engage the lock on my grobo to “click” and lock. I have to hold the back of the grobo with one hand and press in the top right of the door with the other.

Same applies for unlocking. If I don’t press the door in prior to unlocking via app or button in the back of the Grobo the door will not unlock (click). The seals are very robust so see if that works. It could be an alignment issue as well as you said. The Grobo guys will also be to the rescue soon. :+1:


I second this, based off the photos above it looks as if pressing from back may do the trick. I also have to take this same approach when closing my door. Make sure to use your :muscle:t3:


@Rich @Azuri thanks. I’ll try my brute strength once I’m home and let you know how that goes. Sounds fickle, but possible.


So I bent the metal tab on the door up a bit. And used brute force to squeeze it, and hey…it locked! Still some light leakage but obviously not nearly as bad.


And that’s the extent of my light leakage as well so your looking good