First Thoughts


Hey Glenn,

This is Chemdawg and we have 36 +/- till harvest. With this being my first grow I’m working to ensure we have a successful harvest so I’m gonna really watch the plant and let her tell me when she’s ready.



I thought I got this picture up, but it clearly never made it!


Looking good @Rich


I can see the love in the picture @Rich. There was a pic posted on Grobo on FB or Twitter I think which is in serious need of a haircut. It was still in veg but it was bursting the seams of the Grobo, lol.

Be ready to support the buds when they get heavy. :+1:


First thoughts are still great that I bought a terrific well designed product. especially against flimsy competitor designs.

I see it’s been discussed about root protector covers. Will wait on that I suspect.

I do notice fan rpm levels have jumped to very noisy levels but not consistently.

Lastly I noticed my grobe goes to sleep aka lights out around 9pm but is lights up at 3am. ???

Looking forward to being able to customize lighting timing on the app /website in the future

Great work guys. Already planning for my 2nd


Hi @ToddYYC,

Glad you’re enjoying the product! The light schedule adjustments for recipes actually just went live - go to your “Settings” tab and click “Change Light Settings”. Notes that you won’t be able to adjust the duration of how long the lights go on, but you will be able to adjust the on or off times




Been crazy busy guys, my apologies! Here are some updates pictures!


Wow, those are some frosty looking buds Rich! Can’t wait to see how they fill out in the coming days.



Thank you Chris. I’ll check it out.


. Day 24 of tangerine Dreams


Looking healthy to me!


Here we are with 25 days left until harvest! I will have a nice post out together once it’s all said and done.

For now here is my masterpiece, I’m very proud of my plant and all that I have learned during this whole process.


Hey @Rich,

Have you tried using the “fluid glass mode” to take pictures? We’ve designed the fluid glass light mode in such a way that provides a decent Grow Light hue that makes for decent photos (as well as gets rid of any streaking that may occur in normal pictures)

To put it into “fluid glass mode” you simply have to press the button on the back once. We’ve also designed the delay to be 30 seconds so that you have plenty of time to get your buds in focus!




Hey @Chris

I’ve used the fluid glass in the past, unfortunately though my unit has now experienced two separate occasions where the fluid glass has burned out. Bjorn said you guys were working through the issues and the future unit will have this corrected!

Previous to the burnout the fluid glass was one of the biggest factors I chose the Grobo vs the competition (or lack there of)



Hi @Rich,

No worries on this one, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I should have changed my wording a bit: the “fluid glass mode” can actually be considered as a “photo mode” - I’m suggesting taking a picture of the plant with the door open rather than through the fluid glass with the “fluid glass mode” active

To clarify: the “fluid glass mode” serves 2 functions: 1) it sets the fluid glass from opaque to transparent, and 2) it sets the LED light spectrum to a setting that allows for good photos

I hope that makes more sense now





Confusion is on my end, my apologies!

I’ll definitely do that this afternoon!



No worries - let us know how they turn out :slight_smile:




Hi jammin.
Looking good for day 25. Hope mine goes through a spurt in the next 10 days to get there. Roots are insanely long but plant still small.


@Chris Just a thought but have you guys thought about a camera… Would be kinda cool to do timelapse in the Grobo


They might in future models. If you have a gopro toss it inside!