First Thoughts


You won’t hear from them before Monday now. I’d reply to the automated response again and ask for an update at least.

I read somewhere one of someone’s fans was noisey and there was a fix for it I forget the exact details. I’m sure they will get to the source but if you can find a way to send a video via YouTube or some other way that would help us and Grobo with the trouble shooting. :+1:


I can send it by email …I have sent the video to grobo mid week, they know about it. I don’t do you tube …is there way a moderator can allow us to upload videos here?


Don’t think so @Rob it’s admin level. They probably disabled uploading of videos for a various number of reasons. You’ve uploaded it them so at least they can hear it. Keep us posted.

Not related but my upper fan developed an annoying sound randomly out of knowhere one day. While trying to source the sound I accidentally touch the moving plastic fan…Bzzzzzt ouch, sound went away never to be heard from again. I think that fan might be loose, had excessive dust in it or something was rubbing on it. It wasn’t plant matter because my current grow is to short.

There are not many moving parts on the Grobo I would look at the fans and see if one of their 4 mount screws are too loose or even over tightened distorting the shape of the fan housing.



I will check this . Thanks


@Rob I would look at the back of the grobo near the power source if you unscrew the cover you’ll see the hose to the air pump and other components. I was having an issue with the humming being Extremely Loud. What I did was move the tubing slightly with my finger away from other parts basically so nothing was really touching until I felt/heard the humming go away that worked for me anyways it was a positioning thing I noticed when I’m opening and closing the door if I close it and move the grobo slightly it will sound louder so it’s kind of finding The Sweet Spot hope that helps it did for me.


Well went to check the back and I noticed the blue light was flashing very fast so figured it needed to be reset . Resetting it didn’t work so I unplugged it and got it to reconnect to the internet but now the light won’t come on . Did unplugging it screw up the lighting cycle ? In my settings it’s still scedule for 12 am - 4 am lights out … so not sure if this is now going to screw up the grow . Frustrating thus far .


It’s now disconnected from the internet again . First 4 days no problem with connection issues , now it won’t stay connected at all . My wifi works on my phone no problem in the same spot .


If and when your grobo reconnects to th Internet it will download/update your program and the light will come on.

The fast blue flashing light is the grobo attempting to connect to your Wifi once connected changes to the slow pulsing blue. I’ve personally not had any connections issues so here’s what I can suggest. Go in the app as pictured below and reconnect to wifi and see if that works.


@Rob last week I had some connection issues from fast blinking blue to the light purple color. I was dealing with it for a few days straight I kept unplugging and resetting nothing was working it would go back to the flashing. I figured it was an update or something along those lines. I was worried because it kept doing it but I remember hearing even if it’s online with the pulsing blue light even just for a little bit it will keep your recipe going so I went with this I guess the issue corrected itself because I havent been having issues I treat it like a computer always do a restart and then go from there. Let us know how it all works out you’re not the only one that’s been having this issue.


Yup I just decided to stop watching it so much, backed away and just let it do it’s thing and sure enough it went back to normal . Technology is always going to get those hiccups with wifi no matter what the device .

It went back to normal and now I’m just on day 5 praying to seeing a sprout lol :joy:


Hey @Rob

Yeah to add to that the Wifi connection does not have to be constant. Even if it connect once or twice day briefly it will be enough to update the reciepe. Once you’ve rebooted and until it can talk to the Grobo server again it doesn’t know if the light should be on, off etc.

Happy Growing! :herb:


Yes I have read through noticing a lot of different issues . On my 3 day top up i put the hose in the water, hit refill , and the light change for literally half a second then stop refilling and I could never get it to refill .

Not sure if it’s full enough so it didn’t need water , but then why the notification ? I manually added some water and am hoping for the best …the coco pod feels moist still.


The notifications that come to you at the same time of the day from Grobo are automatically generated at certain intervals of your plants growth but not to worry they are more like reminders then a sensor that triggered it. I pretty much ignore all the warnings (Sorry @Stephen) as I know at all times what my state of my water is as I top up daily once my plant is drinking and then still get the automated notification.

Basically what happened is your unit tried to fill, the light switches to green and it detected the full sensor and switched the unit back to growing. Early on these reminders are there as cautionary measure in case you have a plant that drinks lots or to aid in the germination stage. :+1:


Well I hope I didn’t over fill it …there really is not any fill line . Hard to tell what the full level should be . I guess there’s a lot of intricacies that go along with this box that you gotta learn as you go. I’m sure after a few grows I will have learnt how and what it’s doing and why.

On another note my glass has parts of it that look like bubbles are caught between the layers and can’t get rid of it .


Yeah the filling works like a toilet bowl float kinda. If you put a bit extra in there I wouldn’t worry to much. The next drain and fill will bring the water level to where it should be. From that point forward use the fill option in the app and if does or doesn’t take any water you’re good.

Now the glass, I don’t surgar coat things. You need to bug them until they send you a new door or fix the one you have. It looks unacceptable to me. Some more constructive critism is who ever assembles those glass components maybe in China, is doing a terrible job and they need to get better QA controls on that ASAP. My seal around my glass in a smal area is cosmetically ugly. It just got brushed off and I just sucked it up but I’m still not satisfied with it. It doesn’t impact anything on the growing so I sucked it up, that’s not the point. They need to fix that crap, rant over, LoL.


I agree Azuri, that also need to come up with a better fix for the air stone pump. Simply attaching an external pump for good isn’t a final fix, it should only be temporary. Biggest reason being the back cover has to stay off and any old creepy crawlers can get in. Not really sure what the fix would be, but there’s got to be a better more permanent, working, and aesthetically pleasing. End of my rant. :+1::v:


Well I’m hoping there going to fix eveything that’s wrong , you can’t market this perfect looking box then send me something that doesn’t quite look like it’s a finished product . For 2gs I expect every component to be perfect… so some sort of compensation or replacement parts are in order .



Yup, I agree I’m just a fellow grower trying to help out. They seem pretty responsive but keep on them until you’re happy is about all I can offer for the things we can’t help with. Keep us posted!


Hi hear you. I think someone here said they will send you a replacement one but I think the original one is hard wired in so it would require you to do that, not a super great solution either. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I think that is part of the issue with getting a replacement. How are we to replace the pump if we can’t really get to it. I get that part of it, which is why the next iteration of grobo needs a larger “hatch” on back so we can get in easily to fix issues. I think that would help solve lots of issues.:+1::v:


Ugh that doesn’t really sound like a solution to me … I’m going to try to remain calm through all this , and that’s why I only pay PayPal . If they don’t make me happy - I pack it all up and send it back . Like I said this was 2Gs and I don’t take kindly to getting an unfinished product for that price .