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I hear yah all loud and clear; I’ll take this back to the team to see when we can work this into the timelines

@chris_barfield is 30 seconds not enough? Are you trying to take pictures when you unlock the door (cooler hue, 5 second timeout) or when you enter Fluid Glass mode (warmer hue, 30 second timeout)?




@Chris well for me I’m just slow I take pictures with the reddish hue and with the hue when you unlock the door … also I think maybe a hue where if you just want to look at your plant for a
Minute or two … or when trimming just figured longer times would help people out …


Ok, I gotcha, so more like “keep my light in a spectrum where I can properly see the plant” mode that you can toggle on or off that doesn’t have a timeout that is less than 5 minutes or something like that? For trimming the plant, or taking a lot of pictures of the plant, or even showing off to friends - something like that?




Hey @chris_barfield

I love sitting with my plant, lol. I expect to do it more in the winter months too.

Now here is hydro growing tip #72 and I’m totally guilty of it and don’t know anyone personally who does this other then people on YouTube but you’re supposed to wear eye protection while working with LED and HPS growlights.


Yup basically yea exactly what you just wrote lmaooo … sometimes I just like to stare at the damn thing lol


Oh yea @Azuri your right I have seen that before but I never use them lol… I only have ray bans and they are too dark lol


Yes, please… :wink: :camera_flash::camera::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::groboone::green_thumb:


Sometimes when I do this the light goes right back to the plant light



Click your screen button while door is open. Does that fix it for you?


I’ll have to try that the next time I take pics next week… :camera_flash::camera::clapper::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::wink::smiley:


@SilverGrobo as @ToddYYC stated that should solve your problem. From the picture you took it looks like you’re going into “door unlock” mode which only changes the light colour for ~5 seconds and is heavy in blue. Clicking the button once on the back of the unit or clicking the ‘screen’ button from the app should give you a better LED light colour and lasts 30 seconds




@ToddYYC and @Chris,
I’ll have to use the internet to get a delay on the right light… Too bad the button on the back is too finicky… :cry:
For the help…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::wink::smiley:


@SilverGrobo for the time being to get the button on the back to activate correctly try pressing it once and then pressing it again after about a half a second delay. This should activate the photo mode on your unit




Ok figured I would post my thoughts on my first grobo. Started my grow 3 days ago .

Pros - cool looking high tech grow box , love the wifi connection and the set up was a breeze .

Cons - I wish there were not this many but it’s my opinion so please don’t be offended.

Sound - the sound is loud , very loud ! Before I purchased this , grobo stated that it makes no more noise then a plug in fan . Unfortunately that’s completely false … it’s loud very loud. Think of a sump pump and that’s how loud I find it .

Cabinet leaks - pretty sure this was marketed as odourless but I can already tell at the top sides of the cabinet odour will escape , I can see into the machine … so not a tight seal at all .

Glass and Door - the door seems like it’s not closed even when it’s locked , and glass has all these gooey bubbles inside it in one spot …was told it goes away but still there.

Now this is my first grow and I’m and still super pumped and still think the unit is cool , just not what I expected for $2Gs .

Was planning on buying more of these , I will see how this first grow goes … but will not pull the trigger on a second one until all those issues are addressed .

Again I still think this is a super cool unit and see it being the best once built sealed , and maybe get it to quiet down a bit ! But I’m also a noob so what do I know :stuck_out_tongue:


You should hear the soil grow I have going in a tent in my closet :scream::exploding_head::joy::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:. It’s wayyy louder than the grobo. We can get used to just about anything.


Yeah I don’t even notice the noise anymore and I have it in my living room where we hangout most of the time in the house. White noise to me now. At first I thought the same thing but it’s constant so I forget about it


Shoot it’s in my bedroom… and I sleep fine … def got used to it… lol


Then maybe I have a problem , I couldn’t imagine trying to sleep with this let alone entertain company in front of it . It’s way too loud. I would post a vid but it wouldn’t let me . I have it stuffed away in my basement bathroom …it’s a very loud “towel warmer” :stuck_out_tongue:


@Rob you could legitmilly might have something loose or vibrating that is causing excessive noise it could be an easy fix. As others have stated the only noise is from three small fans (two inside and the one for the carbon filter) plus the air bubbler in the resevouir. Shoot a email support ticket to

Can you upload a video to YouTube and link to it here?


^^^ hey azuri

I submitted a ticket on Wednesday just waiting to hear back from them .