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Yup, I do it across the entire top of the plant, aiming to get a very even canopy for maximum light exposure to each bud site.



Hi rainstorm3,

Just as ToddYYC indicated, cutting the tops off removes the best bud sites and can reduce your yield , if possible, I like to preserve them with a super crop instead of removal.



An area of future improvement I hope. This isn’t even 2 months old.


@ToddYYC thanks for sharing - I’ve shared this photo with our mechanical design lead (@OGJ)




It’s really evident on the corners more than anything



Hey chris,

Which breeder has created this “yoink gg4 x dogwalker og”? Can’t find any info on it from the seedbanks I use…



Hey @Stephen I managed to get some GG#4 seeds from truenorth. Link below, I grabbed some seeds just waiting for the reciepe wink wink.

Do you do an entire harvest to develop the reciepes or do you cut and paste and tweak them?



@Stephen He’s a local breeder from California not from a seed bank but he’s kind of like a locally famous breeder … I can give you the Instagram…


I think I know who you are speaking of. He’s here on this site seen a post from him.

Actually the guy I’m thinking of is west coast but Canada. He has a video of his gg #4 crop. He does feminized seeds for seed banks if it’s the same guy.


H ToddYYC, Sorry to see this happening, we’re looking into improving this process and components.


But I will likely hold off on buying my 2nd grobo until I see additional implementations and improvements but it’s all good. Calgary is hot and dry and this might effect the build more here than Ontario or somewhere else


Hi Azuri,

Those sound like a great strain, I’ll add them in the next round.

Most of the recipes we have started with I have experience with. Many have been grown out in our lab in a variety of systems. (Mainly grobos, but some industry standard HID bulbs, soil, etc for comparisons) We are in discussions about the best way to ensure our recipes are tight moving forward, as obviously I can’t grow them all. Great question!



The charctrisitcs seem perfect for a Grobo but not the reason I chose it. It has great recreational and medicinal properties. (Not CBD) word of warning it’s couch lock material so not a daytime smoke.

For anyone who hasn’t tried this strain it sells out fast so grab some when you can and thank me later, lol. Here’s some stats :point_down:

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If you ever see Jean guy seeds, get them. Best Canadian cannabis you’ll ever have.


Please if you find a way to muffle the sound can you share ?? :slight_smile:


I hear that my grobo is really loud when the air pump and both fans are on … I have to put my sound bar on my tv to eliminate the sound


Hi everyone, I’m back with my first grobo was faulty and i now have a new one. Anyhow, the shipping via fedex was poorly wrapped. My last unit was similarly in bad condition when i received it. While unpacking the unit the clasp that holds the door on the bottom broke. I was surprised that there was not a bar connecting the top and bottom. Anyhow, I was able to use a small screw i found. …Anyhow the grow is going well (day 26), but for the last day and half the LED indicator won’t stop slowly pulsing the light purple color. I’ve tried rebooting the unit several times and it always comes back. Furthermore while the door is shut there is no light on in the unit, even during daylight hours. I’ve tried to run the drain function, but it doesn’t do anything.

![IMG_3070|375x500](upload://50P5VjDAs24fUAmk63CkLe B8UtW.jpeg)


that has got to be infuriating. do you suspect this is due to FedEx or just poorly designed packaging? I have waited a very long time for a Grobo to show up and wont accept anything less than perfect when it finally arrives.

Have you contacted FedEx? perhaps a claim against the damage? please keep us informed how this plays out


@el_gordino this packaging looks like it was destroyed! Wow.

Plant is looking good though!
As for the blinking purple light, that means that it’s pulling an update. You can find the LED glossary Here

Although to have it doing that for two days straight is a little strange.
And given that the light won’t turn on at all seems strange also. Have you tried going into your light settings and playing around with the on/off start times? Sometimes that gets it going again. I’d throw in a ticket to to have them check it out.