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RWHi @chris_barfield just catching up here… sounds like @ToddYYC @Azuri have already mentioned most of what’s needed.
I can tell you from personal exp with the air pump not working (stopped on day 9 of grow), and coincidentally the lights stopped working as well—what I’ve done as a hack to ensure the roots get oxygen is set my unit to a continuous drain loop. Meaning I went in the app, set it to drain and have the hose pointed to the bottom of the coco pod so there is a continuous flow of water hitting the roots, as well, that keeps the white lights on for my plant since the others aren’t working.

My new unit is set to arrive on thurs, and it will have been two weeks by then. In the pics below you can see my hose set up, and what my plant looks like as of today. It’s a little stunted for its age but it’s not too bad. It’s surviving! You could do the same until you hear from support.

Also with your tap root issue, I think it will end up working out ok, roots always seem to find where they need to go. If you’re having trouble keeping that coco pod in place, stick a couple cotton pads or cotton balls around it to help secure it :+1:t4:


@rainstorm so just to confirm your draining and filling by recycling the water back In the tank since it never seems to be full … ahhhh your a smart one I see … didn’t even think about it like that… thanks for the help indeed


Correct! @chris_barfield , just hit drain in app and recycle the water right back into the tank. My water level hasn’t really changed save for some evaporation, but it’s barely noticeable. And as I said, it has been running like this for just over a week now, and needs to run until Thurs when my new unit gets here. Cheers!


Hi Azuri,

The current recipe logic prompts the user to ‘top up’ the unit with water on day 3. We are keeping the coco pod at the optimum oxygen/water mixture for germination. On day 7, you will get your 1st full ‘drain and fill’ notification. When the system is drained and then filled, it doses the current recipe nutrients for the week. Once you get to the end of the grow and your plant is super thirsty, you will see the ‘top up’ notification again, prompting you to simply add water to the unit, without doing a full drain/fill.



Hi chris_barfield,

Oh dear, sounds like your air pump isn’t working as hoped! We have seen a couple have some issues after shipping, I see your support ticket is in, the team will reach out shortly.

@rainstorm3 is right on for the short term solution for no air bubbles. The constant flow of water into the reservoir will allow a ton of oxygen to dissolve in the solution and the light leak shouldn’t be an issue for a brief period of time as @Azuri mentioned.

Your coco pod crack isn’t uncommon and isn’t anything to get too worried about. The coco pod serves a couple purposes. It allows the perfect mixture of water to oxygen to allow for speedy germination and it serves as a secure spot for your roots to anchor. Keep it touching the water until we get your air pump back up and running. Then you can raise it a bit in your lid, for a more secure fit. We want the roots searching for the water level now, so keep the coco pod above the water (once the bubbles are popping that is). Thanks @ToddYYC, @Azuri and @rainstorm3 for helping out over the weekend!




@Stephen awesome thanks so I did what @bjorn told another customer to do which was open the small part in the back stick a finger I. There and see if the pump is vibrating and mine is not. My lights today for some reason are more blue than the normal purple … is that the recipe or should I be worried ? And hopefully support contacts soon as I have to go away :grimacing:


Hey chris_barfield,

We did a firmware update last week that requires a power cycle. Can you please unplug your unit for 5 min, then plug it back in? This may update your unit and get your system back on track.



@Stephen so @Robyn emailed and said 30 seconds should I unplug it again for 5 minutes ? Right now the machine is making noises but no lights nor is my air pump on yet… I’ve emailed Robyn back saying the same …


@chris_barfield hi chris
When unplugging devices they only need to be unplugged typically for 30 to 60 secs to power off and disconnect.


@ToddYYC so I did the 30 seconds and did the 5 minutes just to be on the safe side but still nothing … :cry: @Stephen @Robyn


Hi chris_barfield,

Thanks for doing the power cycle troubleshooting, I’ll elevate this support ticket. Robyn will communicate next steps shortly.



Thank you @Steven you guys are awesome


Unfortunately I picked an auto for my first grow (nothing was mentioned about this being a problem in the recipes or I missed this ) My plant is now on Day 40 and 27 inches tall and beginning to flower…but only about 6 inches to the top… I would have topped but Stephen said this was not usually done as there was not enough time to recover before flowering for autos… …


Hi kirk,

Fear not my friend, you can still finish with some beautiful buds, just a bit of effort required. Attack those bud sites with some super cropping! Look to take them down by an additional 6-8 inches by squeezing the stem and slightly twisting it while bending it down to horizontal. You will create a beautifully flat canopy and you will notice the buds rise up from the newly bent branches. You may have to bend again to keep them down, just keep an eye on them. Here is an example of super cropping the top on a monster plant…

I goofed up and cracked the one in the front, but it’s recovered nicely. I’ll post a couple progress pictures later in the week. :wink:



Thank you very much Stephen… I was worried I’d have to abandon the grow… Its all a learning experience…


Updating the thread here since it was mentioned by a few people. The bug preventing notifications from being dismissed on the web app has been fixed and is now live. I apologize for any annoyances this may have caused.

Happy growing!



Thanks for sharing the photo man. So THATS super cropping. Lol. My potatoes are like that outside and still growing so good to know this technic will work.
Do you do this across the whole top of the plant?


Rookie question @Stephen , but why just bend the stalks at the bud sites instead of trimming the tops?


Damage vs recovery time I suspect


Thanks @bruno!

Confirmed I had to cycle through each of the old notifications and they are gone now.