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Yea it doesn’t bother me … was just wondering for your three day drain and fill after germination did you get an alert to tell you to do it or did you just do it on your own?


@chris_barfield I didn’t get a drain notification after three days. My first was at 7 and the 2nd was yesterday at 14. Not sure if it’s the same for all?


I believe there is a top up pop up at 5 days and then every 7 is a drain and fill


Oh, I forgot about the top-up notification on day 3 that one went away for me too right away.


@ToddYYC @Azuri

Quick question guys when do the fans and air pump turn on? I’m in day 5 but haven’t heard or noticed any of the components working? At this stage are they needed? The air pump and fans are what im referring to…

Also I kind of looked at the coco pod becuase i couldn’t keep my curiosity to myself and noticed that the tap root started to grow upwards to the light then u-turned back down and then starts to grow towards the side of the coco pod. Is this normal or should I be worried? I also noticed that at the tip of the tap root it almost looked like it was turning yellow or brownish slightly. Is that normal?

@Stephen sorry for looking at the coco pod but I couldn’t help myself lol.


Hey @chris_barfield

Air pump should be on 24/7 from day 1 if you’ve had no air oxygenating and disturbing the water then your coco pod can dry out. First fan kicks in on day 10.

Your crazy root direction should be fine. Keep an eye on it, If the root continues to grow it should be ok. Stephen will help trouble shoot that issue with you.


If your comfortable level you can assist it to grow up. Be gentle. Plants will recover most of the time. This unit is forgiving…all your fans should work.


I’m using the Ona for my room. I got a closet grow going on the same time as my grobo box. The Ona works pretty well but it’s 40 bucks and last about 6 weeks. Kinda expensive I think. I hope there is permanent fix or DIY for light leak/smell leak.


@Azuri @ToddYYC appreciate you guys but I’m worried about the air pump ? Might sound dumb but should I be hearing or seeing bubbles ? I have not seen or heard anything on ? No bubbles … now I’m a little worried … my acid and basic nutrient bottles have been used quite a bit… is this normal in your units? Using distilled water as I couldn’t find RO. I’m wondering if I should make a support ticket … wish the grobo let you know what parts are working and not working …


Air pump should be on all the time from day 1. Should be ok on the acidic and nutes. Mine used those first few weeks. Put a support ticket for the air pump and there’s a temporary solution for non working air pump. Not sure of this process exactly. Search this site for air pump issues.


@Azuri yea I searched but nothing on the site or in the grobo help section… ugh this is frustrating… so I open my grobo up just now to Check and noticed that it has broken at the top left side of the coco pod and is halfway hanging into the water the seed is exposed and you can tell the seed is beginning to open more and rise to the top … but the coco pod now has the tap root exposed my air pump is still not on … I would take a pic but I’m scared to touch it as the coco pod is hanging on by literally a thread and the pressure of the coco pod holder … the tap has continued to grow up as well… ugh …


@Stephen what should I do end and start over I’ve sent a ticket in for the air pump but it’s the weekend… is there a temporary fix until then ?


Do not end your cycle until the grobo guys chime in no need don’t panic.

I think the resolve is sticking the drain / fill tube in the reservoir go to maintenance in the app and press fill. It will blow bubbles. Umm there is someone here on the site that has done it, I read about it.


@Azuri yea I just read the post now but wouldn’t that allow light into the reservoir and that’s a no no?


For a day or so you will be ok, having the reseviour exposed to lots of light for long periods of time can encourage algae growth but we drain weekly so again short term should be ok. Again I can’t except any responsibility of the outcome just trying to help out. :+1:


So I go inside the grobo to the put the hose inside the grobo and I find the coco pod floating in the reservoir … ugh… pick up the coco pod and it looks like that …ripped and exposing everything … as far as the temp fix the hoses would not allow it to fill the unit I’m assuming due to the unit realizing the water is already filled … the last pic is showing the tap root growing up. @Azuri @Rich @ToddYYC @Stephen


Yeah sorry can’t help much with this bubbling feature as I’ve not had to do it myself personally. There are a few growers who have so not sure what or how they got around it thinking it’s full. Is it maybe drain instead of fill?

Grobo team back tomorrow so just keep the roots in water and hopefully someone can help out.


What @Azuri said. Keep the cocopod touching the water for now. Was it super soaked when you put it in initially? Maybe less next time or squeeze some out. I have roots literally coming out 3 o’clock. 4 o’clock. 6 o’clock. 7 and 8. Like all sides and angles you know. That’s ok. It’s actually healthier as they’re not crowding each other. I’m curious as to why the pod is so damaged as in comparison to mine which looks brand new but with a plant in the middle. Grobo support will be in tomorrow chris. You should be ok for a day or two and a solution will result in fast recovery or positive change.


Your root grew that way due to path of last resistance. When placing the seed in the pod try to pinch a small 1 or 2 mm hole in the middle which will uncover a sort a hole/ tunnel. Drop the seed inside and rest the pinched piece back on top. It should just push it up when it comes.


@ToddYYC and @Azuri thanks guys … your the best thanks for the feedback… I’ll try and see if I can do what tod said … as far when I soaked I did the 5 minutes but didn’t do a super tight squeeze… maybe I didn’t release enough water… I was surprised it fell into the reservoir so now I’ve been checking every hour or so to make sure it doesn’t happen again…