Final information


Hi Rich, which date did you get?

@bjorn Yeah, nice to hear but I heard so many different dates from you and none was valid. So may 2018 probably means december 2019. Acceleration sounds like irony since my promised delivery date was already april 2017.
I’m also in line for a seedo - we will see which one makes the race. Not believing anything anymore until I receive my package.


I’ve been following Grobo for ages and there’s still no ‘buy now’ option. How much longer is this expected to take? There is a buy now button, which tells me if I buy now, it might be shipped in 3-6 months! But based on the comments even this maybe optimistic.
The concept sounds great, but there’s only so many years one can wait for a product to actually be ready for sale (ie order now, deliver within a week).


Hi @cloudpants, thanks for following along!

I hear you. You’re right, it’s hard having to wait for something. There’s not currently an “order now, deliver within a week” option because we’re shipping to current customers before any new ones. Which just means it’s going to take more time for new orders. We’re manufacturing faster than ever, and that time will obviously become faster, but it’s always better to be upfront and honest about it so you can make an informed decision to order.

Hope that helps!


Just out of curiosity, when did you invest a few bucks into seedo, as they’ve had people waiting for almost 4 years since preorders began. Not only am I waiting on grobo which I’m thoroughly excited for the final production model and they’ve moved the fastest out of the other companies that are in the hydroponics industry. I’m also waiting on a Leaf unit sometime late 2018, and a seedo sometime late 2018. Grobo has made great progress in such a short period of time and I think things will pan out greatly. They’ve taken on a huge load of tasks such as redesigning their app, and making final fine tuning decisions on the final production model all to get the products to our doors as fast as they can. Don’t stress too much, remember, good things come to those that wait.


@Daniel If I may ask what’s your expected delivery date?
Four years ago there was no grobo system like today to preorder. I was in the preorder round for the first batch of grobo one in summer 2016. And now I still have to wait till may 2018.

You know which date people get who preorder today ( “Expected delivery: Spring/Summer 2018 for orders placed today”

So I preordered almost 1,5 years ago and can expect to get my grobo at the same time as people who order today. I don’t feel valued as a first supporter with this in mind. If at least those things would have been communicated in an honest way. But this way of communication to promise delivery in a few month, than short before expected delivery it get’s postponed to a new delivery date short before this date it gets postponed to a new delivery date and short before that it gets postponed to a new delivery date…that’s not a good way to treat customers and a lot of my trust and appreciation towards the grobo team got lost through this. I know they are working hard and I know there are good reasons for the delay because they want to deliver the best product. But important part of a successfull business is to care about the expectations of your customers especially when you are a start up and are living on the support of your community.

Seedo is expected to start delivery beginning 2018 - we will see what their promises are worth. Leaf is not available where I live so that’s no option.


@fanatic - If I’m not mistaken, I believe you live in Europe which is why your order is scheduled to arrive slightly later. There are two key reasons for this:

  1. Additional certifications are required prior to shipping to Europe. These certifications are more strict and comprehensive than what’s required in North America. As a result, they also take more time.

  2. Shipping logistics. Shipping directly from our warehouse to you (as we do for all North American orders) is incredibly expensive. We are working to set up a distribution center in Europe so that shipping is more affordable and you can quickly receive all of the nutrients, etc. when you need them.

We are almost there and I firmly believe the wait will be worth it!


Hi Daniel,

I don’t know what your goal/role is in this conversation. Are you part of the grobo team?
You don’t answer my question but lecture me that I’ll “receive my grobo soon enough”? Give false information but seedo… Don’t geht what this is all about ans don’t like to bei treated like a child.


Hi Bjorn,

since first units are shipping in north america I wonder if you could give an update on the situation for your european customers. How is certification going and could you establish an european delivery center?
Thanks a lot.


Great questions @fanatic!

  1. We are making a few updates to our circuit board designs right now. They are in the final phases of testing and should be complete by the end of March. Certifications are scheduled for April with shipping to European customers in May.

  2. We have found a fulfilment partner out of the Netherlands and are now working to find a backup partner as well.