Fertilizer kit price and consuming


do you have an estamation for the amount of fertilizer (from all the types howen in the site) requeiered to grow a full plant of veg (for example) and how much will every kit of full bottles will cost?


For all of the Grobo consumables, you should budget $15 - $20 per month. The nutrients (depending on what you are growing, and the quality of water that you put in the system) will typically need to be replaced every grow cycle (3-4 months). The carbon filter will need to be changed every 2~3 grows (6 to 9 months) and our coco coir is replaced each grow.


I assume I have to buy fertilizer and other nutritions directly from you, correct? I’m living in Germany. Will you be able to ship them from within Europe? Otherwise the shipping costs (& customs) will make rather pricey.


Große frage!

Nutrients are available on a subscription or one time purchase service through Grobo. You will receive a full set upon purchase. Pricing will be available soon.

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