FALL Updates


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Electrical Certification? Check!

First things first, we are proud to announce that Grobo One has received its electrical certifications! After what seemed like a very long process (for all of us), this is a giant leap forward which means we can now legally ship Grobo.

Solving a pH Mystery.


Our rigorous lifetime testing has uncovered a sneaky pH issue that affects a small number of units.The chart above shows Grobo One’s pH level is stable and consistent for weeks or months (a good thing), but then fluctuates abruptly as time goes on (not so good). Even though it only affects a few units, our expert team is working to find the cause and solve it. This is adding time to our production schedule, but we want to make sure that your Grobo One will be in top form to grow your plants perfectly, every time.

On Track to Start Shipping.

Yes, we are preparing to begin shipping the first batch of units before the end of the year as planned! We’re working around the clock, clearing hurdles, and gaining momentum.

The Grobo Team is… Growing!

We added 3 key people to the team this month to help with the big push forward. Sam, our user experience designer is making your Grobo easy and pleasing to use. Joshua is taking over Communications, and Robyn is the new Operations Manager keeping things moving forward efficiently.

And Now… Faster Communication!

We know that waiting can be tough, and being in the dark feels even worse. Starting now, we’re sharing regular weekly updates and behind the scenes insight into what’s going on here at Grobo. Visit our new Grobo Weekly Update section on AllGrowers. We’re posting pictures, updates, and information weekly. Plus, you’ll still get email updates, just like this one, every month. Bookmark http://www.allgrowers.com/c/grobo-support/grobo-weekly-updates

Shipping dates for Grobo