Durban Poison Grow


She’s super happy!! You could go ahead and top her a couple times, and trim the big lower fan leaves that aren’t getting light. Perseverance pays off. Well done :+1::v:


Looking really healthy! Why are your #1-2 hoses disconnected?


I was cleaning something that spilled. And had not put them back in yet. I connected them back tho.




((#GreatSave))… ((#SuperHappyAndHealthy))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts:


All I gotta say is I am not good at tying my branches out of the way. It’s a horrible job I’ve done, lol. I made sure not to stress it. It’s very not aggressive training. I just parted the branches a bit so the light can hit underneath. :crossed_fingers: I also topped her to encourage more branches. My stems are getting thicker. I’m hoping this helps. I only have to days left until my light schedule changes.


You might want to ask to extend your grow so she can have more time to get bigger and give you a higher yield but keep an eye on your nutrient bottles you might as well order more because you will need it if you decide to extend your vegetative stage


I already extended. She has a stressful life. I figure shes like 10 days behind where she should be. But I’ve added an extra month on to my time.


You added an extra month now or already and you’re near the end of the extended month?


Over the past month Ived added a week at a time. Totaling a month. I just asked for more time to be added on. My 3rd week I lost my tap root. She almost died. She should be dead but I nursed her back to health. She has a long grow 122 days so I’ll be at like 150 before I harvest.


Trust me I’ve been watching your grow. This is the beauty of photo period Cannabis plants you can extend the grow for as long as you want. Keep this in mind once you go into flowering she is going to stretch about 50-60% she will grow in veg but not like it will when she’s in flowering. But this is all a suggestion just so you know you have options I had an issue with the one I have in my tent which stunted her so I let her go about two months before I put her to flower and I’m very happy with her results



Update 3.19

shes exploded in 5 days.


WOW​:heart_eyes::kissing_heart::joy:@mcmanis well done! Tenacity pays off​:+1::v:


Proud of you



Smooth Sailing :sailboat: from here… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts:



It was touch and go for a bit. So many times I thought she was dead. But shes a fighter.


Cannabis is some of the heartiest plants I’ve seen lol. I’ve had some outdoor grows “gone bad” and they recovered and some…lol. Amazing plants!


@Mcmanis well done! So proud of you for not giving up on her. Look at her now she is gtg.


I have to rescrog her she exploded again since I trimmed her. 4 days until flowering.


I’d lollipop her more before flower