Durban Poison Grow



I don’t doubt you will have a little off-set with the growth on account of the first root system was torn off accidentally… All you can do is keep an eye on her and ((GroboSupport)) keep checking her data for you to see if it is good on their end… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


@SilverGrobo I’m worried shes so behind. At 41 days she should be huge by now but shes barely anything.



I know, we can only do one day at a time and hope it will pull through… She had rough start… :worried::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I think shes finally rebounding. I did a early drain a fill. I’m still having issues with that. My grobo gets stuck in drain mode and I have to unplug it to get it to reset. I submitted a ticket so waiting to hear back from that. It would appear all of my problems are because of that. The system wasn’t showing that I drained and filled so it didn’t release any nutes. She was starving to death slowly. But to day the leaves are back to normal. Nothing drooping. Now I just need her to stretch and double in size. I would say I’m like 4 weeks behind in grow time. A lot of catching up to do. She has a long growth cycle 122 days but I’m only on day 42 so she has a long way to go still. I dont expect a huge yield but nothing will be better than nothing. I’m thinking of starting a seed in soil as as back up. Also because I just want to grow and not give up on her.


She will make it! For the drain issue check to make sure that your drain hose is touching the bottom of the tank. The Grobo knows when it’s done draining by the water level sensors and if your hose isn’t all the way on the bottom of the tank the pump will just keep on going.

Let me know what you discover :slight_smile:


3.4 update. Her she is

shes getting very bushy not tall. She might be a runt or maybe she will stretch later. Far better cry than before. I actually have a network root system now instead of a single root like before they are massive like bean sprouts. Lets just hope the more they drink the faster she will stretch. She is drinking too I had to add 2 red cups of water to the tank. :crossed_fingers:


3.6 new growth pics. I topped her last week and the buds are growing.



Coming along very nicely indeed… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts:


Responding well to topping and nice big healthy leaves.


Good call on staying with this little one, the rebound has been awesome to watch!




she has huge fan leaves they are blocking a lot of light. For some reason a lot of her growth is coming from underneath. I don’t want to mess up anything. Should I trim her and if yes how should I do it? Should I get rid of the fan leaves or trim the new growth


Nice tight nodes! Let her grow out more and then you can trim. She’s still young and need to fill out more. If anything I’d do a little lst and separate the branches. Look up LST this will help you train your plant the way you want her to grow. :+1::v:


Yeah I would just let it do it’s thing for a bit longer and yeah like @Osage said some lst. If you have some magnets and some line, or the Grobo ones, you could probably maneuver some foliage around. But I wouldn’t trim for a bit



Let her grow a little more… She is doing great right now… You’ll be looking for the ((#4th-5th node for Topping))…

Pruning and topping your plant to increase yield



Shes already been topped. My concern is her under growth. She has a lot growing under the fan leaves. The fan leaves are huge as big as my hands they are blocking light from the underside.



As I recall, you should get notifications to trimming in your ((#GroboApp))… :thinking:


Ok, I’ll look out for them. I didn’t know they exist


Gotta keep in mind though those huge fan leaves are sucking in most of the light energy. It’s entirely up to you when and how much to trim but I would try bending leaves under or away to expose for now if you’re that concerned about the undergrowth.


Guys my little girl is growing up. I’m starting to see little white hairs forming.


3.14 Update

Shes grown so much in the last 3 weeks.