Does anyone own a seedo machine


I looked at BCNL…looks good! I am out of the potential market now, and I am having pretty good luck under LEDs in a corner of the spare room.


I purchased my seedo on July 1st in 2017. One of the early adopters. After the lies and poor communication on delivery and watching the above video and reading comments on it. I am officially asking for my money back today and seeking alternative grow system. There’s no way I’m going to wait for July 2019 for them to lie to me again when I could be growing by now. That’s why I’m here researching grobo, trying to figure out what my best option is.


I’m happy with my grobo ofcourse there’s always improvements to be made but it works it’s proven… I mean look at the pics of my buds came out stellar as if the buds are rolled in sugar …


Hey @JohnM

Lots of options and price ranges out there. I went back and checked out the video comments. Seems like the owner of the video went with a Grobo we’ll see how that goes for him.

The Seedo only use two “magic” nutrient bottles as he calls them and his concern and anyone growing cannabis should have some way to monitor the pH if the unit doesn’t monitor and adjust.


Actually seedo claims that they use just one “Magic” nutrient bottle. The other one is for ph adjustment in combination with the water filter. Don’t know if or how that works.


Thanks for the clarification @fanatic

Yeah one mixed nutrient bottle for an entire grow is a little concerning too. At this point there are some other glaring obstacles and mechanical concerns I have with the Seeedo but I could be talking out my ass so I’ll just stay on the sidelines. :joy:


I bought the Grobo because It was the only fully automatic grower that actually existed for immediate delivery. Considering the customs thing, immediate was 2 months :slight_smile: Extremely happy and impressed so far!


Hey butch, if you have a seedo, what about it do you like? Pros/cons etc. thanks


Sorry, I changed the post to clarify. I bought a Grobo.


Thanks for the clarification. I was gonna call you on the seedo shipping, because as my research indicates, no other company with a real grow box is shipping. Welcome aboard! :+1::v::fist:


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Some pretty bold claims coming out of their investor page. They claim they’re the leader in automated homegrow boxes? How does that work when only a handful of them have shipped? Apparently you have to be an experianced grower to use the Grobo as pictured below? If you hard pipe the plumbing on this unit you can plop a seed and come back to harvest 3 months later, amazing. (Sarcasm) Some of these companies are out of the game now as well.



It’s all good @Azuri

Much of their information is open to the public with their new filing…

Lots of stuff in there, for example I found it interesting that their team is leasing 9 cars for 36 month terms, but they also state: As of September 30, 2018, our cash balance was $ 472. We believe we will require a minimum of $6,000,000 in additional cash from our working capital over the next 12 months.

That is mucho money they are spending…



Yeah, I wish every hard working company success but I personally research a toaster before I buy it. With that being said one of my initial concerns is the money they spend on “flash” for example they did a co-sponsored awards party in California with some rap people in the industry. Personally that did zero for the brand and money on start up should be spent on R&D not partying with snoop dog and crew on your dime imo but what do I know I’m just a consumer and not the CEO. :man_shrugging:

They also got a 1 million dollar loan from someone in Toronto well it looks like they converted that cool mill into shares so there was a little spike but the last month trend line is not so hot. I’ve indicated the trend with a red line. :joy:


Sounds to me they are squeezing as much cash out of this cow before she dies. Reminds me of some of the cannabis companies on both our stock markets :dizzy_face::scream::skull_and_crossbones:


Im not a company but I’m guilty of this @rouleauj I sold all my stocks two weeks before legalization made a killing. My crystal ball works pretty well. :joy:


Yep same here. I’ve also been riding them up, selling and getting back in when they drop. It’s like my own personal atm machine lol. I’m a long on acb though, and have invested in some American cannabis companies. You might want to check some of them out before full legalization here


Yeah i’ve moved away from the stock market completely now. I don’t have the warm and fuzzies and my crystal ball told me so. :joy: