Does anyone own a seedo machine


In Ireland ordered about 2 months into the pre launch, the odd communication about its status would be nice


I was looking st Seedo & Grobo last spring and really liked what the Seedo has to offer but I pulled the trigger on the Grobo. Im now into my 2nd grow and would still be waiting for a Seedo. :man_shrugging:

Aftermarket sales service and support is huge for this type of product. In my opinion Grobo and several other companies with products on the market provide much better communications.

A few units were delivered last week in California, the Seedo team went locally to these growers and help set them up. They offer a hard piped water system for drain and fills or manual, a bit cumbersome manually.


I still like the Seedo, appearance of it sure is sweet…not really put off by it’s small size, because the side LEDs do make it bush out instead of up…prolly more than 1 or 2 plants greatly curtails size…also Autoflower plants are perfectly sized, or vice versa. Truthfully the only negative for me has been issues about my refund, otherwise I really like them. Grobo sure looks great though…this thread was about the Seedo, so I tried to remain on topic.


They’ve gone public as far as investing goes, now they just have to make the product go public. :joy:


Would sativa strains even work in a Seedo?


It would be a waste of a seed. Sativa need that stretch to fill out. That said you might get away with super cropping, but I don’t think you’d get much of a yield either way.


Ya thats what i thought.


@Tominator I’m so glad I dodged a bullet when I was looking at automated grow boxes it was actually the first on my list because of an ad I seen online. After finally seeing the device I was left on and press seeing how you have to install water line even though that’s optional just the size and everything and of course the biggest thing communication it seems non-existent the all grower forum alone is better than the 1 800 seedo number most of the comments on social sites are negative and if they are any positive ones it seems like a seedo employee made it I feel bad for you and anyone who’s having to deal with that company I get it’s new to the market and stuff but bad business is bad business


Why do you withdraw your post? That’s interesting for everybody!


I just got mine. It doesn’t work. search “Seedo first look” on YouTube


Just saw your video. Perhaps you’re interested in joining the seedo user group on facebook to share your further experiences with seedo customer support.


I’m in that group too @fanatic Most people are just looking for some info on their units and discussions similar to here. :+1:


Hey @Dev_In

Keep us posted how they resolve your issues. I’ll be honest it’s why I went with Grobo over Seedo at the time, communications. The unit itself looks decent. Join the Seedo group on FB if you want I’m sure many would like to hear from you. :+1:


Finally got my chargeback money on Seedo. Erased most of my previous posts. I have nothing to complain about Seedo. If my finances had remained stable I would have wanted one!


Glad to hear you got your $$$ back. I’ve not heard of anyone not getting their money back just lots of hoops to jump through. I don’t think the Seedo is a scam they need to work on their communications to earn consumer confidence and they will have a viable product no doubt.


I seen Seedo released a link to someone’s unboxing video. Doesn’t show much other then the grower taking it out of the box.

I came across this next unboxing video with little less positive results. With that being said I get the impression there was very few beta testers in the field and the handful of Seedo’s sent out are the first test of their shipping and grower interactions. Sounds like they still have some big hurdles to climb. :thinking:


In my opinion it’s not worth the money but the cloudponics units are or stealth closet units are where it’s at !


I am still getting Seedo updates. Yesterday they sent me an email saying all orders are on hold while they modify and improve a few features, after feedback from the first wave in California. They are saying July 2019.


The BCNL boxes have a Co2 hookup option .


When I first heard about SEEDO it was a year and a half ago…now there are many options and I don’t see them as the leader of the pack anymore.