Does anyone own a seedo machine


Hey @Kenzie

I had my eye on both units. I’ll perfectly honest my choice for Grobo and design changes I’d like won’t please everyone.

Grobo - Canadian owner and operated.
Seedo - Owners in Israel not sure where manufactured

Grobo Comunication - Good
Seedo Commincation - Garbage

  • So I like the fact that you can plant more then one plant in a Seedo but no chance of 5 being successful, just a selling gimmick.
  • No one in the public has a Seedo yet so I can’t evalute performance but here is some of my speculation.
  1. Too short
  2. moving light trays are a great idea for side lighting but the LEDs have to be weak enough to not cause light burn.
  3. Yet to be determined light spectrum results with multiple LED lights that could fail over time.
  4. Since the light panels move, more chance of failure. (Moving parts)
  5. They use a rockwell slab growing medium and what appears to be a very shallow reseviour. How often will that need topping up?
  6. CO2 being added to grow. The amount of times the door gets opened the benefits of it are out the door, literally.
  7. Takes up more floor space.
  8. $2400 final price…ouch.

The reason I bought my Grobo over the Seedo was comunication from the companies. I understand that start up companies struggle with dates for circumstances out of their control but Seedo has got to be the worst at perdictating dates or just outright lying. I don’t trust them in the short term or long term.

Grobo design changes and some pros and cons.

  • My biggest dispointement so far is the app. (Sorry app developers, unlock the stuff please) The lack of monitoring is frustrating.
  • The opaque door. I understand that this part of the design and sets it out from the rest of the compition. I think the money could have been spent better elesewhere on the unit not to mention the amount of support many growers have required for the door.
  • I know many people would like a camera built in. Waste of money it’s like me buying a camera to watch paint dry and adds more cost to a unit and creates a whole new mobile connection issues, I have security cameras so I know. (Buy a Go-Pro if you want to watch a plant grow, lol)
  • Both Seedo and Grobo low to the ground…I’ve seen taller people complain.
  • Since the sensors are already there some notifications to alert the grower. Hey to warm, cold, humid, something isn’t right…I always seem to come back to the app.
  • Grobo’s height seems about right. Seedo will fair well with Indica strains but will fail hard on many Sativas due to being so short.
  • To design better features cost money. Cost is huge if continues to increase from where it is now regardless if you throw in the kitchen sink consumers will say nope to expensive. Lose the opaque door for something more beneficial for the grower to more successful.
  • Sea of green screen racking and way of supporting and performing LST on plants.

As time goes on I’ll have more ideas. Depends on what strain I’m smoking at the time, lol. Also appoliges for any typos or grammar mistakes. I can’t be arsed going back to check, lol.


Lots o good stuff there. I must agree 100% about the door. Someone was talking about stealth in a thread. Maybe this one, but a door that glows is anything but stealth. It’s the first thing anyone will see :joy::rofl::scream::open_mouth:.


I agree the door could go till if it can’t be spent on making some other parts better or till it’s more efficient…


Thanks @Azuri, keep it coming everyone - we take all of this feedback very seriously :+1:


Two reasons I reluctantly choose seedo over grobo.

  1. The giant glowing window on grobo seemed anything but low key. You might as well put a giant neon sign on the thing. Plus in any video I could find the window did nothing to obscure what was inside, the silhouette of the plant was clear and left no doubt about what was inside.
  2. Smell leakage, I have read a number of stories about grobo clearly not containing the smell and I did not see any real solid manufacturer assertions about it containing smell. It’s true, with no seedos in the wild I can’t verify the truth of their calms about smell but I like that it is a feature they have apparently focused on.

Honestly the first item was the deal breaker, even if seedo does not live up its claims on containing smell
I figured out I was no worse off than I would be with a grobo.

As far as the leaf goes it was never really a contender for me. It’s way too big, like the size of my refrigerator… Also it’s systems felt less “smart” and more like some automation.

Just my two cents…


Thanks for your insights and honesty. Although I really do understand your point of view, I do believe the next iteration of grobo will indeed incorporate fixes to the issues listed above. I know first hand, the team at grobo are working hard to gather info from us “initial” users, and that they will implement many if not all of them.

Yes the glass is an issue, which has been brought up by many members, as has the smell issue (which I believe is limited to those of us who’s unit were damaged during shipping, being not totally the fault of grobo), that said, each machine will have its highlights and it’s issues. Take a look around allgrowers forum. We help each other and any ideas for fixes, “management” listens to and takes seriously. I know this first hand as I have personally had discussions with almost everyone on the team. Matter of fact I have a phone meeting with the ceo this coming Thursday.

Not sure how long you’ll have to wait for a seedo, or if they are shipping yet, but I’ll bet my last dollar (Canadian or American) they are working on grobo 2.0 as we type our responses and read posts. Keep the faith and continue pointing out what you would like to see in the next iteration.

Good luck and welcome regardless of where you make your purchase.




Long awaited hyped review from Herb came out today. Think they could have at least turned it on or actually review it?


Ok, well shit


Ya that review was an utter disappointment.


Hi, @Kenzie just wanted to share my insights on the grobo and what i would want in a growing system so it could be hassle free from any growing problems that could occur along the way. First thing i would say the grobo is lacking is a way to control the temperature in the grobo and also the humidity. I’ve encountered problems with my plant just because of this issue. One way i resolved it was to leave the grobos door open and have a seperate fan that i use personally to give it more wind,fresh air, and to keep the humidity low. With the grobo being closed for long portions at a time i feel its easier for humidity and heat to build up which in that case is a growing medium for pest. 2nd i believe the grobo should shed some more information on the ph levels and other things that might let a grower know that the grobo is running okay. So the problems can be fixed on hand instead of sending out tickets which take a few days to get reached back to. 3rd and final thing I believe the grobo needs is a better app that lets you do more with the grobo such as control how long you want your recipe to be (in case you are using training techniques which take more time for a plant to recover and flower) or decide when to put the grobo into flowering mode anytime. These are just a few ideas i felt grobo could use an improvement on in my opinion. Thanks.


I ordered a seedo and when it started getting shady, was 6 months in.
Constant changing of delivery dates. I got my money back after a lot of dispute with company. But I had all receipts and after that I got money back within a day.
Ordered, paid, received, my grobo. Just like it’s supposed to be, hmm;)


Couldn’t agree more. Company communication is what lead me to choose Grobo over Seedo in the long run. Seedo felt like a scam, and it wasn’t worth risking the $2,400 price tag.


Glad to hear that you made that decision!


Ordered a seedo in Jan 18. Was told I would receive it at the end of first quarter. They keep moving the goal posts so I requested a refund. They replied back right away saying someone will be in contact shortly


I still follow their news letters. Last one I think said was shipping after they clear customs in October 2018 but now they are blaming Trump policies for customs clearing delays. :man_shrugging: I would imagine everyone gets their units fairly soon and other consumers can get some real feedback on the Seedo.


FYI: how to video of seedo




Just call the credit card company. Tell them you never recieved goods and they charged you. They should take care of you


I see on their IG that the first person received their Seedo and it cleared customs like within the last week. I don’t think it is a scam, it’s just taking some time. I have pre-ordered one as well, let’s hope it comes through.


I just started indoor growing in June, and all I have grown so far(indoors) are Autoflowering seeds. From what I glean, the reason AF plants are so small is cause their lifecycle is short, presumably from Siberian (and other) weather. Start to finish in 8-12 weeks. Pretty nice instead of 14 to 20 weeks. In a growing device, like Seedo, and others, one of the big advantages is that the light doesn’t bother you if it goes on or off at weird hours, and it does keep light bleed from ruining your crop during flowering. With AF seeds, neither one of these issues exist. But if you get a really good early start, like hydroponic and nutrient fed, along with CO2 during that first 3-4 weeks, some AF strains will really produce. I had a 38" tall Blueberry AF that I plucked after exactly 8 weeks, and that was not in a grow box, but done in soil under LEDs with no CO2. Imagine hydroponics with CO2? Awesome blossom!