Day 20 of First Grow - Firm Leaves and Stunted Growth


Not sure what you’re referring to here wolf, elaborate please :+1::v::joy:


Whenever you decide to plant the seed you want to plant it in the same pot you want to finish it lol mybad


Wow smoking plus writing means read twice before sending :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Contacted Grobo support and had the recipe updated to Auto Generic.

Now I’m seeing some spotting on the leaves - a concern?

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Yep, you seem to have a ph issue from what I’m seeing. Send in a Support ticket, And Stephen could check your data. :+1::v:


Thanks Jerry! You are on top of this! :smile:


Yeah at Wolf, I’ve done that before with good results as well. But I typically start in a solo cup, then replant her in a three or 5 gallon bucket. Next soil grow, I’m going to use a 7 gallon air pipe. She’ll be a beast.:+1::v:

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No worries at Morgan. Glad to help when I can. Just make sure you get a support ticket into at Stephen ASAP. He’ll be able to tweak your system so the pH is proper. It’s probably because of the recipe change. Not a big deal. She’ll come back strong. Good luck happy to help.:+1::v:


I still think you should try putting her in the 7 gal from the beginning and you’ll have even better results try as an experiment it was a freebie anyway right? :facepunch:t4::sunglasses:


Ohhh, I think we crossed wires somewhere along the line. I’m throwing the auto in the grobo. Will start a mystic gorilla, or royal gorilla :gorilla:, in my 7gal air pot. And yes my intention is to start it in the air pot lol :+1::v::joy::exploding_head:

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My next grow will be In coco



I’m sorry to see this happen… I hope ((#SupportTeam)) can fix this… :scream:

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Hey @Morgan_M,

Please do submit an email to so that @GroboJason or I can take a peek at your data and make adjustments.



Sorry for the delayed update here.

Managed to pull her back from the brink and things seem to be going well! Here’s a photo from a few days ago


You still seem to have issues. Is you have something like revive by advanced nutrients, it will help greatly. Also I’m introducing beneficial bacteria and getting good results. I use advanced nutrients additives and they do wonders in all media forms. Send a ticket and check your ph, or better yet if you have a ph pen (which you should, and if not should absolutely buy), you can check the ph yourself and compare it to their data. :v::v:


She’s getting healthy, but she’s not happy right now :cry:


She looks hungry for something. Something is missing.

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I’ll have to grab a pH pen, thanks for the tip!

How do I know what the pH should be at various stages? I’ll have a look around the forum for that too.

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My plant was looking like that. I started giving her b52 and sensi grow. For whatever reason she wasnt getting bottle #3 and was starving.


That’s exactly what was happening. Bottle #3 was full and so was #4. I talked with support and started manually feeding 1ml of #3 and #4, when doing drain and refill. Maybe I wasn’t being generous enough with the 1ml?

The nutes seem to be dosing correctly now as the liquid in the bottles is decreasing.