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What Azuri said, but you can top her again too


Concur with both of them also lol. @Azuri, @Osage Reminds me of my first grow, super cropping may just need to happen. Time will tell obviously. I lucked out, just had to pull down a couple colas via support racks away from ceiling.


I ended up with 32g dry weight. Not to bad for such a small plant. Next grow in my 7gal airport shoeld yield much more.


@Osage @Azuri @Dew Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.



((#Lollipopping))… :wink:


Been a minute … Trapstar clone … finally started her first day of stacking


Damn, she is a stretchy lady!! Got my popcorn :popcorn: and a cold beer :beer: gonna sit back and watch this girl stack up!! :joy::+1::v:


Room for me? <\\\\\>~


Always room for a fellow grower! :+1::v::beer::beer::beer:





Yea dude she is had to cut her veg time short which sucks cuz I wanted thicker branches … but I can’t complain she looks good … lights off and she is a frosty mofo


Hello everyone! Here she is (OG Kush). The clone I started a little over 3 weeks ago. Any advice at this stage for this first timer?


How long ago did she go in the Grobo @dDown1 ?

Looks health ph of its rooted in now, let her grow. I had good luck with OG Kush on my last grow.


She’s been in 28 days @Azuri .


Thanks! Hope I have the same luck to the end.


@SilverGrobo. Thank you.


Day 135, 9th day of flush!
Will the Grobo walk me thru drying?


Wow @wayne. Those buds looks huge!!!

And no not really. You can watch the trim/drying video on YouTube that Stephen does. There’s different routes to go for drying. You can do a wet trim which you remove everything (fan and sugar leaves) or a dry trim. I did half and half for my harvest. I just took off all the fan leaves but left the sugar leaves and took them off after they were ready to go in jars. I found it a little easier to get at the leaves on the dry trim cause the buds weren’t so big anymore due to losing water so I could get my scissors in better. Just be sure to keep checking the stems if you can bend them and they don’t break they’re not ready for jars. You want a little bend and then a break, at least that’s what I do, sorry this is so long lol


Absolutely correct


Thank-you Russel!