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Is there a technique you have learned over trial and error to ensure that you don’t lose it all?


Good question, I’ve found if I perform this stunt first few days of flush, I get better results, wait too long and she doesn’t seem to have the energy to push everything up. When that happens my buds aren’t as dense or as stacked, or develop the taste I like, smooth. When it works, she goes into overdrive and does all the above, cutting down flowering by a week or two, meaning if I didn’t do so it would take anywhere from two to four weeks to accomplish the same results. I employ this tool when I’m under the gun time wise and need her to finish sooner than what she calls for. Now there is a good amount of variance between strains and type of grow etc. basically she needed another couple three weeks to finish off properly, but I ran out of time as I have to move by months end. Thus stressing her to this extent pushes her into overdrive. She is now drinking two times as much as she was. Tomorrow will be three times usual and I’ll feed her most last time before I cut her down in three four days. Hope that helps


It does bro :pray:t4:

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Almost there:



((#DenceBuds))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts::green_thumb:


Ouch, that hurt :scream:


Strain(that’s sativa), pot size (that’s, I believe 5gal), mine 3. Hours nice conditions, mine not so much. Either way we have beautiful plants. That’s what I love about them, they are as diverse as we are! I like that


Sativa never really yield a lot atleast in my experience… that’s the only thing I hate about my trapstar she’s probly one the most frosty plants I’ve grown but dang she doesn’t yield highly


Ethos inzaneinthemembrane would make you very happy Sativa and high yielder


But it would get to tall for grobo


This may very well be the day I take my girl down. Moving at the end of month, and need to dry her and then start the cure. Would have preferred a couple few not weeks but oh well. Buds are really dense now:


Took her down this morning. Dense nugs and nice and crystal packed. She’s drying now and I will put said nugs in amber mason jar that keep out 99% uv light. $12 for four at Walmart. I’ll post weight when dry. :+1::v:


I didn’t know there were amber ones. How long do u cure for.


Should cure at 62 percent humidity inside the jar for two weeks




Purdy oh so purdy :+1::v:


Thanks bro means a lot coming from you :fist:t4:


Hello again, newbie here. How does she look? A few of the fan leaves seem a little droopy. She is on day 52 transition (day 14/14)

Should I be trimming anything? Thanks


Hey @Gonzotonto1

I would trim the droopy leaves in the lower part of the plant, the new growth looks good. As you transition into flower trim the big huge fan leaves espically the ones that cover bud sights. :+1: