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Looks like you’re getting close with the discolouration of the fan leaves now! Those buds look awesomeeee


Thanks, I would have preferred letting her go for another week or two if flower, but at the end of this new week I’ll start flushing. Hopefully she just bulks up a bit more by then. :+1::v:


her leaves aalmost doubled in size and 2 more are sprouting. I’m in the process of moving her in the house now


This is from yesterday 2.10 and this is today 24hrs later 2.11 . I also nnoticed there is so brown residue on the roots not all over only certain spots. It comes off if it touched I dont think its rot. Any ideas?


Yup, don’t fuss, roots are fine, I’ve not looked at mine once and I’m at day 90. :+1: Just an FYI roots don’t like light think of the roots that are in soil you never see them. It’s natural to fuss and worry first grow, let her grow. :herb:


I have 8 new leaves and 2 on the way. 2.14


@Mcmanis did you figure out the new user tutorial?


@SilverGrobo helped me find the discobot. Is there a different tutorial?



Trapstar clone … smell this time around is pungent and bud sites are thicker than the previous run… also nodes are tighter so hopefully thicker colas… also the stretch on her was real even after some training she’s almost at the lights … she hasn’t fully stopped the stretch but def close to finally reaching her height…

Wish I could pull off the lid and show you my roots but they are def double the size of the mom and super white


First day of flush:


It is the only plant that resembles my AK-47 stunted by a rust fungus that I have seen. Beautiful thing :slight_smile:


Ok all, here is some old school shit right here. I stabbed a hole in my stock for a reason. Now she’s gonna fill in on overtime. She’s lookin good, but to get what I want I have to stress her like this. Another 5 days and she’ll be bulked up, fat and resinous. As always comments and questions welcome:


Don’t try this trick unless you’re willing to lose everything!!! I can’t stress that enough. Don’t try this unless you’re willing to lose everything! That said she’s already done gone in overtime. My fingers are sticky as fk! She is pushing everything up!!! Can’t wait till tomorrow!!! Pics to follow! Remember though, don’t try this unless you’re willing to lose everything!!! I’m not joking


Yeah buddy, just have to have the balls to get her done!!!


What kind of gains does this give you I’m curious?


She’s dying now m! She’s throwing all her energy into flower!!! That’s what matters


Day 116


Here she is ~24 hrs later:


Is this the plant u put the hole in?


Good eye, yes indeed Dom. As you can see, there is a noticeable difference. Denser, getting frostier, and will continue to stack like crazy I hope. That is the theory anyway, the plant senses a deadly blow and thus speeds production of flower growth before she can’t anymore. :+1::v: