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Wow, 5 weeks in that is amazing progress not slow at all. My current grow in grobo is 5 weeks into 12/12 no where near your progress. You have a beast genetics there!


Genetics are good, but had I not been fighting humidity this whole grow, she would be bigger, more frosty :snowman_with_snow: and definitely more stacked and dense. She drinks really slow, like two solo cups a week sometimes longer.


Yeah I’m in the same boat. It’s winter here now this is the easiest time of year to grow I have heat controlled and humid is perfect our summers are brutal for heat and humidity. My girl in the grobo is drinking a litre a day but that’s DWC.

My soil grow is slow drinker too. About a solo cup every two days and she’s starting to stack now but slower then yours, this was just a freebie seed to start some experimenting, I’ll get some pics up soon. :joy:


I do only have her in a 3 gallon pot, so there is that. We’re moving at the end of the month so I’m not starting my royal or maybe mystic gorilla :gorilla: in the grobo till then. Hopefully my soil girl is ready to come down before then. I’ve recently received a 7 gallon air pot, which I’ll use for my next soil grow. Gonna plant the same seeds in both the grobo and the air pot and do a comparison grow. That’ll be super fun!! :+1::v::gorilla::gorilla::gorilla:



I want to watch them grow too… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts:


I love to show my girls off. It should be interesting to see how they grow differently, or similarly. I’ve not grown the same genetics at the same time in two different mediums. But I’m sure it will be a fun journey.


I’ve got a few experiments going on. I’ve got the a gg#4 in my Grobo and I cloned her before flipping her to flower. I grew a OG Kush in my Grobo first and now from the same seed order I got a soil grow going.

GG#4 cloned doing well on the left and the OG Kush on the right, she’s been topped twice now goin into flower in a couple of weeks.


That kush is lookin real nice. GG#4 as well but that kush :+1::v::smiley:


Good eye, the Kush is doing really well and smells great. :+1:


What light you using and how far off the canopy? Your kush is lovin’ it.!!:+1::v:


The Kush and the GG#4 are both sharing the same 300w LED UFO light. The GG#4 is much younger I’ve got a rotation of plants going the Kush is next to go into flower I space them about 4 to 6 weeks apart so a got a constant supply of fresh herb. :leaves:

I’ve been learning about soil grows. Biggest mistake so far is procrastinating on transplanting. I’ve had a bad habit growing to long in Solo cups and stunting plant growth for too long,


I’ve had success in planting seed directly in “final” pot. Just have to watch out for overwatering.


Hello, first timer here. She is at day 36. Any advice or comments appreciated.


Are they supposed to work all the time or when needed? I don’t they’ve come on since I started last week

Fans are working!


The fans


First fan doesn’t kick in until day 11 @dDown1 and the 2nd at day 24


Lookin pretty good. You could take the lower greenery, and take a few of the lower fan leaves. I would also top a bit more so you get more bud sites.


Thank you!! I appreciate it @ Azuri


@rouleauj Thanks appreciate it. Will do.


My baby’s all grown up. They grow up so quickly these days!! :joy::tada::dna::dna::