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I dunno hopefully it corrects itself since my water level is lower. before the coco pod was in the water now its not and I removed excess water. Also she had a hard time coming to the surface. I think I planted her too deep.


You are looking fine @Mcmanis and it sounds like the system is working perfectly. (reducing water level helps fight damping off.) It attacks right where the plant emerges from the coco pod, right at the stem. It will start to discolour and become pinched, effectively killing the young seedling.

Your little seedling looks fine so far, she will straighten up soon. Here is a resource w more info on Damping Off.



My root is growing like crazy. I still only have the 1 root but its really long
Hopefully its friends show up soon. It’s not white like it was before now it’s like translucent.


It will explode soon with roots dropping everywhere and growing from the one root … don’t worry


Haven’t posted in a while figured I’d give an update!! Well here my Trapstar clone at just entering week 3 … she is def doing a lot better than the mom who was transplanted to the grobo from soil… the vigor the growth the size of the stems and stalk are triple what the mom was … the roots are double the size of what the mom was when I checked during the last drain/fill she just got a haircut …

What’s weird is she’s taking a lot longer to show flowers than the mom did … but I do have white pistils so I’m sure she will start stacking soon


Hey @chris_barfield

No bottle #2?


Lol my bottles are full of distilled water as I’m running advanced nutrients ph perfect connoisseur alongside supplements … until
The grobo team gives us control over our units …


Ph perfect? Hmmm :thinking: please tell us more


Yea it keeps the ph at 5.8 for seven days pretty good so far hasn’t dipped or anything been good this whole grow I’m also running the full grandmaster level feeding schedule but I just adjust to the ppm I want … probly don’t need all the products they recommend for the at feeding schedule but this pond was beautiful that I wanted to try and maximize her potential … I’m sure there are other nutrients Probly jjyst as good or better but the ph perfect fit what I needed until the grobo lets us control it


That’s also what I use @chris_barfield. I also some of their supplements. Good stuff.


What’s good with everyone,
This is my first grow. I started with this donated OG Kush clone that was birthed in a rock wool. I didn’t want to do anything to shock her too much so I placed her in a small basket with clay balls. After five days her roots have reached the water. The roots look good to me but she still looks weak. What do you think? I appreciate your feedback.

ogk1 ogk2



You can start by reading up on the (#WeeklyNotifications) …

Then, there are all kinds of factors to consider like, (what kind of water are you using?)… Put in a (SupportTicket) :tickets::ticket: and the (SupportTeam) can look at your Grobo Data for you to give you advice…



She’s ok she needs a moment to adjust to her home … when she starts soaking those nutrients you will notice her perk up


Thank you!
I’ve exploring the comments receiving good information.


Thank you for the feedback.


Hey all. Haven’t posted my girl lately, so here she is. She’s been a super slow grower, but she’s starting to stack nicely.


Looking good! @rouleauj How many weeks into 12/12 now? I’m struggling to take pics under LEDs to get a good picture of colours sadly. Don’t have a flash either on my device. :man_shrugging:


Hey Azuri, she is currently finishing up week 5 of flower.


Wow. Those are gonna be fatty buds!


Yep, I think so too. She’s starting to stack nicely, and is super sticky to the touch. She doesn’t really smell, but when I touched a bud to check the density…man the smell on my fingers was marvelous :exploding_head::scream: