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Some clones from the mother!


@wayne Digging that healthy looking clean setup.



Sorry to see this happen… Keep us posted on how your (SupportTicket) :tickets::ticket: turns out… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


@rouleauj we’re at day 26. The strain is Mighty Glue.


Talk about a wicked rebound!
This plant was started in a small homemade setup(and not doing so well) but after transplanting it into the grobo and some coaching from an amazing support team she seems to be very happy and I’m super excited to see the end result! (Strain unknown)


Quite the different looking plant @Beardedmanvan :+1:

Was it clone? Looked like it was having some nutrient and pH issues before. :thinking:


It was started from seed in a DIY setup and getting tap water with a homemade blend of nutes(usually used on our outdoor soil garden and works miracles)


Amazing recovery


Def ph issues and ppm …but grobo got you right that’s how my soil transplant went then she rebounded like Dennis Rodman on the 94 bulls



Amazing turn around for sure… (Congratulations) on saving her…



little update fellow growers!!!



Beautiful Flower Shots:hearts::white_flower:


Day 98


Day 98 gsc


Looks beautiful :star_struck:


I got a little bit better pic. Still trying to figure out how to do this. Day 14.


Looks like your little girl might be suffering from damping off. I’d shoot a support ticket to Stephen to get his opinion. I could be wrong, but this is how it usually starts. I’d cut a straw long enough to stick down into the coco pod, slice it down the middle length wise and wrap it around your little girl, and into the pod a bit. That will give her the support she needs.


How could she be damping off already? I literally just got my first root yesterday.


Give her sometime I’m sure she will be fine


Damping off is when the coco pod is too wet when you plop the seed in it. Like I said I could be wrong and she’s just growing a bit funny. It happened to me once. Stem started “falling” over, and a few days later she was completely laying on the coco pod. I didn’t know what it was until Stephen told me. Never happened to me in a soul grow, so was new to me.