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Day 85



I’VE DONE ALL I CAN I WILL DO NO MORE :woozy_face::rofl::speak_no_evil::joy::sweat_smile::sob::joy: @SilverGrobo




True engineering going on there @wayne wow indeed!


Here’s my little girl, starting to produce:


My soil grow Afghani reg seed bonus from a seed order 5 weeks in. 6 days later the supercroping recovered and grew towards the light again but the other colas have caught up and I’ve got plenty of height, don’t want to stress her any further.

Once my Grobo girl starts flowering I’ll throw up some pics.


What light do you use Azuri?


Hey Wolf, I have a 300w LED for veging and I’m using 1000w LED for flowering. It’s always been my experiance that lights are the #1 contributing factor for big, dense buds. I’m not playing down any other requirements like pH, nutrients, grow medium and environments but hands down it’s lights (or the sun) top the list for premium bud.

Grobo’s light is also dialed in but the grower has to train properly to take full advantage of it. This also applies to any light. More info then you asked, lol.


I have a 600w in the veg tent. The flower tent has 1 2000w and 1 600w. It’s 5 × 5. Almost tempted to add another 600w to the flower tent.


Looks good!!


Hello, first timer here. How does she look?

should I be trimming the bottom leaves that don’t look good?


You could stand to lose um @Gonzotonto1 but I’m thinking that may be a pH issue. I’d shoot support a ticket to double check your data- Hope this helps.


Exactly my thoughts @Dew. Was going to tell em before I scrolled down and saw you already had. :+1::v:


Hey gonzo, go ahead and take that leaf off that is dead/dying. Plant will waste energy trying to heal itself. What day are you in and what strain you growing? :+1::v:


Inspect your plant to see if there are invaders … shoot I check at every time I think there is an issue wether it be ph or whatever else I always check just to make sure …


Hey all, figured if I was gonna comment on others’ grows I better throw some new pics of my own up. Here she is end of week 4 flower.

Keep the comments coming! Love the feedback!! :+1::v:


@Dew @rouleauj @chris_barfield Thanks.


Great pics!


Day 95