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Hey wolf, you might want to clean the plant matter sitting on the lid. It could attract/propagate pests. Just a precautionary thought. :+1::v:


Hey @Wolf1

There is an art to Supercropping. The weed stocks are like bamboo and hollow. You basically squeeze and crush the stem with your fingers prior to bending the stock. It will not break the stock if done correctly. I did these two colas yesterday. Zoom in close and you’ll see where the stem collapsed from me pinching it.


I actually didn’t have a choice but to squeeze then bend they are tuff but I did bend them squeezed the little one one the left @Azuri




I totally get what your saying. First time around it’s scary. Don’t push anything that you’re not comfortable with first time around. When I say you pinch the stock before bending you actually crush it you can feel and hear it. Here’s a great tutorial about it.


I see you were trying this down low on the plant trying doing it on the bud colas closer to the light. This makes the buds lay sideways under the light beefing them up. Doing it low where you’re trying now you do risk breaking the whole cola…


Trust I felt the crush lol


@Azuri is correct wolf. The idea is to make the top canopy even and below the light. Trying to supercrop so low to the base very well might just break the branches, but it would not be possible to lay them over at a 90 degree angle. Doing so closer to the actual bud site will ramp up bud production, as opposed to the plant trying to heal the lower trauma. Hope that helps


@rouleauj @Azuri @SilverGrobo


Holy shyte!!! It’s going to take her some time to recuperate, but after she does your going to see some explosive growth in those colas I believe. :+1::v:


63 days of flower ahead should be enough time :crossed_fingers: I hope


Yup it will recoup as @rouleauj said. Let her heal now and don’t fuss and trim for at least 10 days.


I doubt there’s anything left to trim I promise lol


What azuri said, but also do not open the lid to look at the roots. Just leave her be and let her do her thing. Can’t wait to see how she responds!


Ha! I know roots don’t light but even if a wanted to I could the roots are hold on to the nutes hoses for dear life could budge the lid at all lol


Yep, same thing happened to me, hence my question to @Stephen @Chris @bruno @GroboJason, are we working on a root shield for sensors and nute tubings?


Hey @rouleauj,

The shield already exists for the water level sensors, but are not in the works for the dosing panel.



Is that because a shield around the dosing panel and probes might disrupt the even flow of nutes around the root zone?


The added cost doesn’t offer enough value really.



Read some here… :wink: