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Very nice!

I got two free regular seeds with a seed order and both turned out to be females here’s my praying beauty 4 weeks info flower and after two feedings with the black strap mollisols. :+1:


Yeah brother, she is happy :smiley:. I love how so many peeps are doing soil grows alongside their grobo grows. This practice will make each one a better grower all round!


Hey you gonna supercrop those two main colas from the original stem? They are getting way above the rest. Might do some good to do that now as your girl is super happy. Just a thought, I’m sure you have had as well. :+1::v:


Ok so looking closer, do you have her in a tote? How many gals? Looks to me you’re going for a tree there. Are my eyes Messi g with me here?



Just marked a few :yellow_heart::wink:


To be honest I didn’t really consider it since I’m quite far away from max height of the room but yeah I need to even out the canopy, great point.


She’s 60 days has a hiccup in the beginning so she’s the same age as the grobo but is about 2-3 weeks behind I’ve trained like crazy and trust me the net was a key tool. I’m using coco/perlite mix with a 600w led in a 3x3x6 and I’m using the autopot system @rouleauj :woozy_face::+1:t4:


Hey @rouleauj

Yeah just did them now, supercropped the two mains to be the same height as the two next biggest colas. See how it goes from there.


Sweet! That’s perfect!!! Well done brother :exploding_head::scream::v::+1:


@Wolf1 I got you with the autopot. Was wondering why it looked so large and square. Realized now it was a close photo. Lookin good!


Thanks @rouleauj


Before and after shots. Guys I can’t cut no more it hurts my soul :cry:


I’d say that’s good @Wolf1, let her heal now- And just wait for it, she’ll start making more bud sites off the main colas as you get further into flower. Flowers like the light more than anything else but she needs leaves for energy. If i can just move or “bend” a leave out of the lights way and its heathy, thats a win win.


This hair cut was needed @Dew and it’s much brighter in there which makes me feel confident that it was the right move thanks for the help @SilverGrobo


Ya it’s perfect! When I did mine it was a week later or so than I wanted looking back now.



You did well on cleaning her up… She’ll recover and focus on her buds… :white_flower:

No more than 20% gets trimmed off at a time… :hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::herb::green_thumb:


Umm I did a lot more than 20% I mean it felt like :sneezing_face: @SilverGrobo



Some more reads for you to study… :wink:


Like this @SilverGrobo


if I bend anymore to even the canopy up they’ll snap