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@Wolf1 he just means the grobo is small. To small for extra Co2-


Thanks fam @Dew



Welcome to the (#GreenCrackClub)…


Give or take I think I counted 15 bud sites


Kinda like where’s Waldo, I believe I’ve spotted two more, back center of right and back left low of left. Could be wrong though lol


Dead on with the one in the middle but how did you see that one in the back left @rouleauj :fist:t4::call_me_hand:t4:


First lollipopping hope I get the results that I keep seeing and reading about it strong text


Been growing for years. I have glaucoma, but when it comes to cannabis, I have eagle eyes as it were. :exploding_head::dizzy_face::+1::v:


You could get rid of those massive fan leaves connected to the stock middle bottom, and also the little leaves in the middle of the center y branch. Otherwise well done


I marked the ones I think you mean plus a couple more I’ll take all the knowledge you got @rouleauj


The red circles are fan leaves only, not bud sites, however from what I see all the black circles are spot on. And if you look at the black circle furthest back center near the fan, if you look just a bit further back and to the right, there is another.


So all those that I identified with a red circle is the ones that should be removed? @rouleauj


Not necessarily, I’ll point them out when I get home. At work now.


Thanks fam :pray:t4: @rouleauj


Very first signs woohoo!!!


Hey @Wolf1

Check out the pic I posted in this thread that should help as well:


Hey azuri, say hello to my little praying friend. She’s so happy I just love it:

Uploading: 8C55AA0B-B4AA-43ED-BFD3-07B1D6A430A2.jpeg…


She is now three weeks into flower


my side project @rouleauj


Lmao, I was gonna say, wtf did she shrink lol. No but really, it’s always good to have ladies in different media, to gauge how you are doing in your grow compared to your grobo grow. What soil, nutes, lights etc you using? Looks good. Top her where you can, and you may want to hold on a bit with the net. At this stage I’d be turning her a quarter turn every day