Clones pictures


More çlones same procedure Uploading: 15486308512281603334s488096033173.jpg…


Those are all clones from my first grobo try. G13 pineapple Express


Pics didn’t post mate



Those are from November. The same plants that are now budding. All clones


Those girls are happy, or at least happier :+1::v:


Yes thanks for noticing



Yeah, they love that kingled a lot!!! Not the other one as much. What is that one? :+1::v:


600w phlizon


The king is 2000w


Also the plants are all in different stages of flower. I’ve been moving them in slowly one every week or so. That way I can take them out at the same rate. Trying to get a constant turn out with all three stages going at the same time. Being new myself it’s all new to me learning as I go. Reading a lot on it


Ugh this fucking trapstar is so hard to dial in it’s second week of transition and she still won’t eat more than 800 ppms … and it seems I’m not giving her enough calcium but then I can’t raise ppms … I don’t want to under feed her by lowering the bloom a to give more grow b (cal/mag)


Been having a similar issue with my girl. She’s not feeling a lot. Mine has to do with constantly battling humidity. Where I live it’s never steady, and fluctuates insanely. She’s growing nice, but not fast by any means.


Been working over a lot sorry but here are the newest




That weird looking crap is cat grass. Supposedly.