Cleaning your Grobo


Thank you for the explanation @Stephen. I’ll take my cheapo probe and put it in KCI solution until I need it and I’ll do a quick calibration prior to using it.

I bought it to pH my water for my outdoor grow I’m planning this summer.


Awesome @Pete,

You should be fine. You will need a calibration kit for this project that can be found here.

Good luck!


@Stephen. Should we then be taking the probs out of the distilled water during flushing?


Now you are really thinking @Pete! In short, no.

During the flush stage, the system maintains the pH balance required, while the EC is drastically reduced. This does cause strain on the probe, and contributes to it’s needing to be replaced eventually. If you take the probe out and ‘soak it’ in tap or other water for the flush, your pH will not maintain balance and your plant will suffer. It’s a bit of a trade off to be honest, but I’m going on 1.5 years in the lab with the same probe with no issues, so one I’m willing to do.

Great question.