Buying nutrients in bulk


Right on Stephen, was reading the old posts and thought I’d go fishing for an update. Thanks


Is there any concern with shelf life on bulk nutrients? When we receive them they’re brand new to us. But how long have they sat on a shelf somewhere before we receive them and is that a factor on their effectiveness?


Once you receive them, the shelf life on all of our nutrient bottles is a minimum of 3 years stored in good condition. (Not too hot/cold)



Hey @Stephen just a comment, but I stocked up on some nutes prior to winter as it crossed my mind while sitting in the back of UPS truck they could freeze espically if shipping happens over a weekend and the product sits in a truck awaiting delivery.


One sharp cookie we have in @Azuri for surez! Our nutes don’t like to be frozen. If you do find some that have been out in the cold too long, you can thaw them out and use them as long as you don’t see any sediment forming in the bottom.



Lol that should be a strain…sharp cookies :scream::exploding_head::seedling: