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((#FillWorksNicely))… :wink:


I agree with what @Stephane said. Walks you through it very smoothly, wording can’t be any easier to understand lol. Cool animation on the drain and fill parts. I just noticed though that it stopped well before the low fill line and I have a good 3-4 inches of water in my bucket that normally would have gotten sucked up, is this normal @Stephen ? I’m only 4 days into early veg


Ok, I just completed my drain and fill. I really liked the new animation and the walk through was really smooth. However my grobo is not draining properly again. There was maybe 1/8in of water at the bottom of the tank and the grobo was just blowing bubbles and making a sucking noise. I had to unplug it and plug it back in to complete my fill. The fill feature worked really smooth no issues at all. It stopped just like it was supposed too.


Thanks for the feedback @Russel_Richardson,

The system fills to a different level in stage 2, to dry out the coco pod to fight damping off. It is the only stage that fills lower than usual.



Hey @Mcmanis,

I know you have been in contact with @GroboJason through support, but I’d like to add my two cents to see if we can get you sorted. Here is what the system is designed to do:

Drain the tank waiting for the bottom water level sensor to be triggered.
Once the system senses the sensor has dropped, the system continues to drain for 30-45 seconds to remove a bit more water.
This will result in some water remaining in the tank for each drain and you will see bubbles in your bucket at the end of your drain. You have two black tubes going into the left side of the reservoir. One is short (the fill tube) and one should reach down to the bottom of the tank. The long one can sometimes shift in shipping, so you may need to push it down a bit. Be careful of not pinching off bottle #2’s dosing hose when you do this. So in short, sounds like the unit is working as it should.

When you are next scheduled to drain your unit, give it a bit more time before the unplug to see if it will complete the drain for you. Thanks for the feedback!!


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I drained last night. Not draining again till Wednesday. I allowed it to blow bubbles for a bit but the light never turned on to the white light like it did before. It didnt blow bubbles before either. I will double check the hoses.


Okay cool thanks @Stephen the roots are well into the water I was just curious as to why I had a lot of water left I just don’t remember it doing that the first time I guess lol.


I just bent the hose on mine the other way and it pretty much sucks all the water up now but it still does leave a tiny bit. But yeah I noticed it pinched the #2 tube so I just had to do a little more maneuvering but fine now

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Mine leaves water in the tank as well but I just hit Resumè and it drains it all out


When I drain next I’m going to try to check the hoses


Awesome, I bet that is the issue you are running into. Keep us posted on how it goes eh?



Count me in!

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So after the second time using the new drain and fill I can say that I prefer this way to the old. Everything just seems more seamless when going from draining to filling and the graphics are a nice touch. Looking forward to using this from now on! Good work Grobo team!:beers:


Hi @Highland_Park,

Thanks for the interest, but we have already ended this beta program and pushed this new feature live. Please feel free offer feedback on your thoughts.



Thanks @Russel_Richardson,

I’ve passed along your message to the software team and see lot’s of smiles. Wait til you see the new calibration feature we are working on now!


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