Availability and Cost of Nutrient Replacements


I currently have a deposit for a unit, which I’m very excited about. . .I have some questions regarding the replacement of nutrients since it’s apparent that the nutrient containers are more than likely a proprietary blend? Is that correct? Can you give us some sense of what the cost will be for the individual nutrients, pH solutions, etc? Also, can these containers be refilled or are they one time use? I’m really not seeing much information regarding the nutrients and that could potentially add a considerable cost to the unit over time, especially with shipping, which does not seem to be based in the US. I may be worrying for nothing, but your input and clarification is greatly appreciated.


Hey Kaz,

Great questions. We are currently testing nutrients from several leading global companies, including some that are purely organic. We will be selecting a partner soon and will provide them in our individual capsules. They are designed to cover one grow. We recommend using the nutrients we provide, as we have spent large amounts of time matching the grow recipes to our nutrients to make sure that everyone using a Grobo can easily have the best results and can share grow recipes knowing they will work!

For all of the Grobo consumables, you should budget $15 - $20 per month. The nutrients (depending on what you are growing, and the quality of water that you put in the system) will typically need to be replaced every grow cycle (3-4 months). The carbon filter will need to be changed every 2~3 grows (6 to 9 months) and our coco coir is replaced each grow.

Hope this helps!


So will grobo publish its approved list of nutrients and provide refillable nutrient containers as locking consumers into one product line is the major reason why many advanced growers are going away from LEAF because they are forcing one nutient line and not allowing advanced growers in aeroponics, hydroponics and capable of monitoring ppm and line sizing… needless to say grobo has the ability to surpass as it requires a proprietary carbon filter already it would be a kuerig of cannabis, which still allows a refilable container :wink: i know cloudponics as chosen general hydroponics as nutrients and would love to be able to automatic dose with my own proven nutrient choices with the grobo system.

So will you at the very least publish a list of approved nutrients and refillable containers?


Hey REV,

Great question! The Grobo actually comes with pre-filled nutrient cartridges to get you going. We have spent a long time testing different nutes and finally have a combination that works extremely well in our system with our grow recipes. Although we know some advanced growers want to use their own nutrients, we do not currently offer refillable catridges because the variation they create is hard to handle on the software side.

We’ll keep this suggestion in mind for future development though!