App things i’d like to see


I would like to be more in control with our Flushes… A notice saying it’s time to flush, but us to say yes we are ready… Ignore the Drying Mode photo, I just used this for an example… :wink::groboone::green_thumb:


@bruno @Stephen @Chris :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand: thanks for finally showing us our schedules with the new home tab !!! Probly my my favorite update to the app yet!!





This is YUGE!!! Just saw that newly added feature and let’s just say that is something of beauty! :raised_hands:t3: you guys rock :call_me_hand:t3:


Takes a lot of the questioning out of it. Hopefully a lot less tickets to the Grobo team just asking where we are in Sched. :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:


For the win for sure


i’d like to see the app as an actual app not just web based. I can’t access the all growers from work but if it was an app I could do it on my phone.


I agree. I check on her daily I’m a stalker.


You can use your phone to use the web app.

Here is what it looks like on an iPhone X


I know it can be used, both my grobo and phone dont sync up. I can’t drain and fill from my phone. Neither can my husband. It only works with my computer.


Interesting, maybe I can help. What type of phone are you using? iOS or Android?

What browser are you using?


I have android Samsung 8


That browser might not be supported


I had a problem connecting too originally on my Samsung s6 but somehow got it working. Lots of power cycles I think


Sorry for the super late reply, work happened lol.
Samsung S8 uses android so your default browser would more than likely be Chrome.

Walk me through the steps you’re going through. We can get this working for you.

You also said your husbands device doesn’t work either?


He has the samsung 9 I have samsung 8 they both use Samsung browser.


Does the page load at all? Is it the web app buttons that are non functioning?

Take some screen shots ill help trouble shoot to the best of my knowledge.