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Hey @greenmatter ,

Based on discussions with our early beta testers, the feedback was that it was a bit too confusing. We pulled it back and are giving your Grobo an educational voice to help people learn more about their grow. We will then work to re-release the data in a way that adds clarity, not confusion, to the grow.

While temperature, humidity, ph and EC are all grow metrics that will eventually be included, the Grobo is doing the work for you. This hopefully will reduce your need to record these numbers. Rest assured, Grobo is currently storing and crunching data from all Grobo sensors in the field with the intent of using this data to improve future grows for all plant recipes.

Your feedback on all these features is greatly appreciated and we will update everyone as soon as we have new features to launch or need help testing them.


Hi Bruno,

Great update, thanks! I understand the Grobo monitors all the necessary vitals. I’m not sure what sensors are in place but for example if the PH sensor is faulty how does the grower know this? They have an estimated life of say 18+ months on it and it dies on say month 6, what do? Will the app notify me?



That data goes to grobo hq and they will likely contact you am I right @Stephen


Hey @ToddYYC

Yeah I figured they see the data. I guess my concern is turn around time we have to wait for the Grobo team to alrert you of a problem.

@Jam just resolved a PH issue it took 10 days and had to start a support ticket because his plant wasn’t looking healthy, the Grobo never alerted him there was an issue that I’m aware of. A 10 day PH issue in flower could impact the final harvest negatively. A grower could at least have an early warning that the PH is not right.

My point is I appreciate the automated grow but I get nervous about not being able to monitor anything. Example #2 if humidity is too high or low the grower can react if the value is displayed on the app remotely. As it stands I put in my own RH and temperture gauge so I can monitor. Would be so much easier and clean if i could remotely check from anywhere via the app.

Once again I think this is coming down the pipe, hopefully sooner then later as more units hit the streets.


Hi ToddYYC & Azuri,

We have built and are continuing to build/improve automated tools to tell us if any units have their sensors go out of range. This enables us to identify potential issues in the field and proactively respond. We have been monitoring all units since day one, the tools help us identify and respond faster. More sensor alerts (similar to the current notifications) are in the works.



Of course @Stephen this is a new product being refined. I am ok with that. Tbh those extra metrics will be nice but overall I couldn’t care less. Plants require patience and time and the rest will be chopped up as a learning curve. Obviously as it improves I suspect grobo will sell additional items to upgrade our grobo for the more advanced users. I like that.
I get @Azuri post but think the average user won’t require or need that info. It’s cool to watch this whole startup process.


Im kinda with azuri on what he had to say. I get what grobo is saying to much information might confuse a newbie grower. but it would be nice to get some information. we basically get nothing right now but how many days its been growing. ph and ec would be something for a more experienced grower but temperature and humidity are about as basic as it gets. right now we don’t know whats going on in the grobo. the unit has no way to regulate temperature at all right now. whatever the room the unit is in is going to be basically what the temperature and humidity inside the grobo will be. probably a little higher in temp inside because of the lights and equipment. from what Ive read the exhaust fans just come on at day 10 and stay on. I don’t think they turn on and off to regulate temp. maybe someone at grobo can correct me on this. this is an amazing piece of equipment and in no way am I bashing it at all. I guess my question to grobo is how set it and forget it is this machine. if the temperature in the unit hits 100 degrees would I get a notification telling me hey the room you have your grobo in is way to hot you need to do something about it before your plant dies.


Hi @greenmatter I appreciate what your saying but you put a lot of onus on grobo. Once all the stats come out in the unit they will be useful but things like house placement and air flow and I room lighting will play more in the equation than anything they do.

I definitely can only speak for myself but plant and grow is best atm. Imagine 1500 hotels with 2 of these in the kitchen growing specialty items for them. They dont care about ph. They just want an roi on their purchase as I suspect most ppl do


@ToddYYC @Azuri @greenmatter When I heard about the Grobo and a Grow box possibility…I was very excited not to do anything and be able to grow weed. I went Cancun recently and came back in a week and everything worked perfectly. But after learning how to grow in soil in my closet, it has been such an amazing experience. It’s like caring for a baby lol. When you learn about all variables like PH, RH, super soil mix , watering practices, and lighting system makes you feel so in sync with plant. I’m all for more control over my grow but I can understand a newbie grower (which I feel like im)


Hi @Jamminbear

I hear you, I understand the unit is marketed too essentially new growers. Just some indicators on the app would be good. Nothing that can change any of the grobo’s parameters, I’ve turned my dehumidifer off or on based on conditions, happy plant.


Hi @jamminbear I had issues growing indoors and outdoors so I went hydro. Can green thumb anything else. And I’m of the belief you should be able to grow wild so I have a mix of grows as well.


@bjorn @Chris @bruno

I don’t know if this bothers anyone else but is there a way to push an update where when we press the button to make the glass visible, it takes about 20-25 seconds to be able to see through which leaves me with very few seconds to actually look inside.

Is there a way to extend the time that allows glass to be se through to maybe like 45 seconds so you actually have time to peek inside?

Again I don’t know if this is for every unit. So again my unit is working but I would like for the glass to just stay see through for a longer time


@chris_barfield the next time you press the button it should go clear much quicker. The first time you turn it on in a while is what we call “the warmup time” which causes that initial delay. Hope that helps




@Chris ahh ok ok thanks for the response



You could place a GoPro in the box and have it take time delayed pictures or movie mode. Not sure if there is an app for GoPros, but worth a look


@rouleauj I was thinking about this. I might try to rig something up for my next grow. Just thought it would be cool to check in on the grow while you’re out of the house.
I totally get there are privacy issues with having an on board camera, but it would still be neat :slight_smile:


Gopro black 5 has this feature and you could leave it inside


Hi @bjorn,
I was looking at the website seeing if anything new has been added to the store and notice two pictures that caught my eye. How can I get my app to tell me all the information I am seeing in the description pictures. Inner humidity, temperature, and reservoir level? It would be awesome to see all that information on the app like it shows in the pictures.

Thanks so much,

Grobo App question [RESOLVED]

Hi @Ctaylor684,

I’ve moved your question to this thread which I think answers your question.



I do now remember reading this oooppps sorry. Is there a way people wanting these features sooner rather than later can get a special update or is it one update takes care of everyone? If one major update is the case when should we be seeing these features come to life?