Aerator not on


Hey @Andyrmt, if you don’t hear anything soon, next day or two, I’d get a little 20 dollar aerator like you use for fish tanks to keep my plant alive.


Thanks Dew,
Ill pick one up tomorrow

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Hey @Andyrmt,

I hear that you have a replacement up and running and there may be a disconnected wire happening. You are in good hands with @GroboJason. Let us know how it turns out.



[quote=“rainstorm3, post:27, topic:688”]
see through with still a slight haze to it, But you should still be able to see the plant at least.

So has there been a replacement or idea of when there is a permanent fix for the aerator?


They sent me a kit with a new pump and wires, however, Im no home depot whiz kid with electrical doo hickey’s!! So I got a pump from Amazon and attached that outside the machine.

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Hey @andyrmt, did you try putting a ticket in. I’m sure they can walk you through the process of installing your new pump. I have full faith in your ability to attach electrical doohickies to your new pump.


So did anyone get a permanent fix for the aerator issue beside the cheapt 10 dollar amazon pump Grobo sent us? @Andyrmt @JonnyBlaze @snicker322


I unscrewed the back panel, unhooked the air hose from internal pump and simply connected that hose to my own air pump. Not the prettiest fix, but it works, and they don’t seem to have an alternative fix, so there you have it. Good luck :+1::v:


@Osage which one did u get? how quiet is it?



Not sure the name brand, but it’s quiet and works


thanks buddy @Osage



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You got one from Grobo?


No bought it separately