Welcome to AllGrowers, a community where everyone can access the best practices for growing specific plants. New growers can find first steps, while expert growers can connect directly to discuss advanced techniques. In the welcome section you can introduce yourself and get to know our community a bit better.


Here in the fundamentals category, you will find a good solid base of knowledge to begin your growing journey. From equipment & nutrients to hydroponics & grow guides, this is the place to start.

Advanced Growing

Advance your learning here after you have mastered the basics. Gain access to our Advanced Growers Lounge once you gain level 2!

Master Grower

The place to go to get the best advice and the definitive answer. Here the master will focus on the ultimate in grow strategies and techniques to maximize yield and quality. Gain access to the Master Growers Lounge when you gain level 3!

Grow Recipes

This is the spot for Best Growing Practices for individual fruits, veggies, flowers or cannabis strains. Have you dialed in the nutrients, watering schedule and light spectrum for a specific plant? Grow Recipes is the place to share.


Here we help. If you are having difficulty and need someone to lend a hand, this is the spot. Our community is known for assisting newcomers, so don't be shy! Post those questions with a photo and the experts will assist.

Grobo Support

Frequently Asked Questions about the Grobo unit as well as a troubleshooting section. Great resource for Grobo tips and tidbits!

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Discussion about this site, our company, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Cannabis stories

This is a spot for everyone to share their cannabis stories with each other.